Little Pink Flowers Collar Cozy for My Furry Valentine!

Now that we finally actually have some snow, it was time to change out Delia’s collar cozy to something romantical for the love month!


Her collar cozies are always two-sided/reversible and this time I just wasn’t inspired by any of the cotton prints in my stash, but I still had out this scrappy bias tape from making my door pocket organizer last weekend so just cut the appropriate amount off the end and went for it. :thinking:

Delia is practicing her red carpet over-the-shoulder pose. Or trying to get me to throw the dang ball already, she’s got runnin’ to do!


Sweets for your little sweetie. Better than chocolate!

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Awww, she’s so cuuuuute!

Oh, and nice job on the collar cozy. :grin:

Thanks, ladies!

Awww! I love doggos and this collar is adorable. I love the way the color pops in comparison to her fur. So cute!

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She looks lovely and festive. Now throw that ball!

Thanks, friends!

All right, all right!

Those ears! That snoot!! I love the idea of a decorative collar cover, and these are beautiful.


Woman, you are cosying all the things! This is adorable.

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