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:banana: :banana: :banana: Post your awesome bunch of bananas goodies here! :banana: :banana: :banana:

StudioANF โ€”> geekgirl
geekgirl โ€”> StudioANF

Abbeeroad โ€”> JoyfulClover
JoyfulClover โ€”> Abbeeroad

:no_entry_sign: ilovesnails โ€”> roler
:angel: Seeuudee โ€”> roler
roler โ€”> ilovesnails
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Raury โ€”> amazing_784
amazing_784 โ€”> Raury

Seeuudee โ€”> wendiek
wendiek โ€”> Seeuudee

MistressJennie โ€”> Edel
Edel โ€”> MistressJennie

anna.wahnsinn (sent 10/28/20) โ€”> jemimah
jemimah โ€”> anna.wahnsinn

PerfectlyBohemian โ€”> Moonflame
Moonflame โ€”> PerfectlyBohemian

kittykill โ€”> endymion
endymion โ€”> kittykill

SheepBlue โ€”> momiemae
momiemae โ€”> SheepBlue

Lynx2Lancer โ€”> LadybugsAndBees
LadybugsAndBees (sent 5/27) โ€”> Lynx2Lancer

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We have a gallery! Canโ€™t wait to see all the crafts!!!

Iโ€™m just keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that my package to mistressjennie will arrive without any Corona delays. Everything is so topsy turvy right nowโ€ฆ

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Iโ€™m so excited to see this gallery!

This is going to be a fabulous gallery!

I received from the generous and thoughtful and talented, @Lynx on Thursday. She has been patient with me posting, so here goes:

First, the bag. I cannot say enough about this bag. Itโ€™s scrappy, quilty, big, and exactly what I asked for (a tote with Velcro handles so that I could attach it to the car handle so I could crochet while in the passenger seat while DH drives). She got it perfect! Here it is:

I just have to point out some of the special things she added to this tote besides what I mentioned: a yarn feed, a plastic divider (which is great because I often put my waterbottle in my tote, now it wonโ€™t condensate on my craft), the front zipper pocket was made with fabric I sent her in one of the Xmas swaps on the C site, itโ€™s a flat bottom bag, and the inside is ORANGE!!!

Second, the wallhanging. L2L has posted somewhere here on LC how she had several quilted pieces leftover from some project for the school she subs in. She had made a tote with some of them that I liked so much I offered to buy it from her! She said she was keeping the tote :pensive:. But then look what she sent me:

A mini wall quilt made from the same quilted piece!

And as if that werenโ€™t enoughโ€ฆ

The fabulous twisted fabric wreath with the mirror! Sooooffft variegated blue yarn! And my own piece of LC jewelry!!! (I was so hoping for one!)

I literally sucked in my breath when I took the items for this swap out of the box and did not take a breath for a moment. L2L is so freaking talented and generous and thoughtful and all good things and I feel very grateful!


P.S. Please donโ€™t mind my just woke up face in the mirror! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@LadybugsAndBees Iโ€™m so glad you love it!! (The mirror and jewlelry I sent technically for the LV swap, though!) The bag, wall hanging, and yarn (and velcro) was for this one. It was hard to separate the swaps in the box. Canโ€™t wait to see action shots of the bag in use!


Going bananas over that tote!!!

@Lynx you certainly did a fabulous job of sending some pretty useful and coveted items!


I thought I might of mixed up some of the things. Iโ€™m sorry.

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No worries! They are all going the same place regardless!

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ha ha awesome goodies no matter what gallery!



I love the added features you designed to make the happy scrappy bag even more functional! I love the abstract wall hanging. It truly is a fantastic piece. You are a kind, and generous swap buddy.



Yeah, what great functionality in that bag! And of course it is also super attractive. Love the wall hanging, also.


What an incredible swap package @Lynx! That bag looks so useful, and beautiful too!


Oh wow that bag! Love the looks and the functionality :+1:t3: :metal:t3:
And a wallhanging, what a great package! :orange_heart:


Oh my goodness, how incredibly thoughtful and generous and beautiful!! The bag is just amazing - gorgeous and so very functional! And the art is so fun!! Youโ€™re setting the bar high for this swap!! XD


What a beautiful way to start off our gallery!

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I totally forgot to check the gallery!! L2L totally went bananas! :banana: :crazy_face: :banana:

Love it all!!


She sure did!

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wow such beautiful goodies!