Gotta Match Jewelry

I am no fashionista for sure. Partly because I am a bit lazy when it comes to switching out my purse, jewelry and even shoes to match what I am wearing. I have been aiming for simplicity and versatility but then I find myself getting bored carrying the same bag, wearing the same jewelry, blech.

I decided I would get more wear out of what I have if I could change little things so I have been making jewelry to go with my collection of recycled sari skirts. Most of the jewelry can go with other things as well and even other skirts since I tend to gravitate towards the same colors.

Here is my latest…simple black cording was used with minimal jewelry findings as I gave most of it away. Beads are from Women’s World Beads.

With the skirt I want to wear this with:

I have the Colonel Mustard snag tights to match so I don’t expose myself if the wind catches my skirt. A pair of black flats and I am ready to go!


What a great match to the fabric!

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Those look gorgeous together!

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K, all of this is gorgeous. I bet you look so beautiful in these mix & match outfits

I need to be braver about wearing colour!

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I remember you mentioned this company before, checking out their size guide & I am baffled, woo. How do I figure that out? I’m 5’7", 150lbs.
I want mustard legs! How cool is that?!

I’ll send you a PM addressing this.

This is a perfect match! They look amazing together!


What a great way to make it easy to switch things up! You could even store the jewelry with the skirt!

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Yes, I’ve been trying to think of a way to remind me that I have jewelry to go with a particular skirt. I was thinking of taking copies of the photos of the jewelry and attaching them to the hangers.

I like this set to wear with jeans and my embroidered linen tops as well so I don’t want to hang it with the skirt or else it could get “lost”…I have quite a few skirts so it would take a while to find.


I can so see you in this outfit. Beautiful way to complete it!

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My jewelry hangs on a wall next to my closet. I can pull out a garment and hold it up to the jewelry to see what feels right today.


Pretty jewelry and such a perfect match to your skirt!

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Absolutely stunning.

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I so get your struggle with fashion, I’m the same, wish I had more energy for fashion but nope.

I love the beads you used and the combination of them, hope you get to use them many days!

Thanks! I wore them today but with navy leggings, and white shirt. I’ll wear the skirt to the museum tomorrow.


It looks even more gorgeous on you, great picture, where is that “you rock” button :metal:

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Beautiful! Great colour on you & good choice of white shirt.

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These are lovely! And they go great with your skirt. BTW, did I tell you I accidentally found a solution to the lack of pockets in those skirts? Hip Klip bags. I take the second clip off, and slide my skirt strings through the jump rings, and presto! Instant pocket big enough for phone, ID, cards, etc.