"Graffiti" Spider-Man ATC

For a “graffitti” theme for an ATC swap, I made this “Spid-y” card.

I mostly wrote “spid-y” because I realized halfway through “Spider-Man” wouldn’t fit, lol

This card is inspired by “Beco do Batman” or “Batman Alley” in my hometown, Sao Paulo. It’s an alley where someone first spray painted a Batman figure, and then the “grafitti art” grew from there. Today there’s all kinds of art on the walls there, but superheroes have been a frequent theme over the years.

Depending on how you hold the card, different aspects literrally shine, because some of it is done with metallic paint.

And I sent this card inside a Spider-Man envelope for extra fun :blush:


Spiderman seems to be a very popular theme!

Well done sticking to it for your partner!

We viewed a house where the bathroom was Spiderman theme…it was very cool, especially since it was two adult men who lived there! ha Stay young, do what you love!


This is a fun card. I love the way you added the brick wall to make it look more graffiti.


So cool! Definitely has a graffiti vibe.

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I love how you can see the bricks through him- it makes it obvious that this is graffiti inspired. It would be interesting to see the wall that inspired you to make this!