Green Thumb Swap Gallery

Post your goodies when you get them!


woohoo!! it looks like i am FIRST!! today i received the most fantastic package from @Abbeeroad!!

please admire it, esp the detachable button, but look away from the chocolate…that will be gone soon!!!

thank you @Abbeeroad i love it!!

ETA - i forgot to tell you what she actually sent me, i was so excited - its a plant pot cozy!!! and that cool little brown thing is a plant stake!! (woodburned, i am guessing?)


I love that! I need the sentiment on that pot posted on my plants. :laughing:


I received from @Bugaboo today and oh my… she spoiled me somethin’ fierce.

First up… the extras…

She pained these Terra cotta pots and added the fun text. Then she included these funny plants labels.

Here they are in use…

And last, but not least, this awesome little cross-stitch of artichoke blossoms. I kind of love artichokes, a lot.

Thank you so much for being an awesome partner. This was really fun. The kids may steal the little flamingo when they find it though… :grin:


Yay so glad nothing broke!!! My kids steel those bobble head things as well not an issue! I did forget to tell you the zucchini seeds are because of a running joke in NY if you can’t grow anything you can grow Zuchinni, people grow so much you’re warned not to leave your house in the summer because you’ll come home to a heap of bat sized zucchini even if you’re growing your own!


I’m glad you like it! Yes the plant stake is wood burned. It’s scrap from my BIL’s woodworking projects. I’m glad it will get some use. The detachable button should fit on it if you so choose. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Those plant markers are great and I love that cross stitch!

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So @kittykill and I also did a little personal swapping around this swap as well so posting them here as this was our inspiration! OMG such a beautiful package!!!

2 embroidered pieces that are AMAZING!!! This adorable post card of candy that’s just so colorful and then some stickers, a note book, sticky notes which I am addicted too and a small floral ring box

The tea towel is amazing! I am going to use it as a small valance on a door off my kitchen so I can always have it in view (but no one can use as a towel on me!) I just got a lemon tree this year so hopefully its an image of what I may one day grow

Then this large Frida Hoop!!! I adore this! Look at all the detail that went into this! She will defiantly be hung in a prose of place where I can always enjoy her!
It was such an amazing box thank you so much kitty kill!!! I love it all!


Wow. Beautiful stitching from @kittykill. :star_struck:


Her stitching is always impressive! I especially love that tea towel :heart_eyes:

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Yeah! I am so glad you like it. The pattern is called Fleur de Frida. I received from @Bugaboo! Omg! You guys!!! She so spoiled me!
Check it out!
Our backyard is very tiki so she made lots of the stuff for the yard.

But wait…… you guys!!! My very own Audrey!!! She fits in so well with my other plants and horror stuff in my house.

Pics of the picks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you so much!!! I love everything!!!


Yay!!! Glad it all arrived safe and wasn’t stranded over the long weekend!

i love it!! that button makes me smile most of all!! some of my plants need a button that says LIVE DAMMIT!!

this is a pretty sweet gallery!!! lots of (unsurpisingly!!) GREAT work!! loving that needlework and audrey!!

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I received from @kittykill today!! I can’t believe how fast it got here. Yesterday was probably the most stressful day of the year so far so it was a great surprise to receive her parcel. It’s absolutely amazing :heart_eyes: Look at this!!

It’s lettuce!

And if that wasn’t enough, she also included an apron! :open_mouth:

Poppies are significant to me. My grandfather always loved wildflowers and when we returned home from hospital after his death, his whole yard was full of blooming poppies. There’s a poppy on his gravestone. So this was a very great choice! With my new dress, my wicker basket and this apron on I would look perfect in a Dig for Victory campaign! The large pocket is big enough to hold my scissors.

And there’s even more:

The box actually opens so I need to find a tiny treasure to put in it!

Thank you so much, you really spoiled me!! Your stitching is always perfect and the patterns are amazingly fitting as well. :heart:


Beautiful and so sweet the poppies mean so much!

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I received from @artsycandice YAY!!! Such a wonderful package

This hoop is beautiful! Its dimensional and beaded on the edges! The stitching on the lead background was done then applied to the hoop for the dimensional effect!

Then she sculpted and made these herself! Such a nice addition to my collection
The scarf wrapped the whole hoopla up as well, its sheer and light weight and perfect for this time of year

Thank you so much artsycandice I really love it all!


Yeah! So glad it got to you safe. The lettuce head is from a 1940’s victory garden pattern. I can email you the rest of the patterns if you want. They are funny! I’m so glad that you like the poppy apron. It is so great for gathering veggies or storing your tools.

That hoop is so great! I love the color combo.

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I should have added a note… the “scarf” is a curtain sample. :smile: I worked in a retail store that had curtain displays that were just long strips of what you could purchase. When designs were discontinued they’d throw away the samples. I may have a few laying around…


I actually thought that it looked like an up cycled curtain due to the hem but its great I like up cycling to things they were never meant. to be. It would be very pretty sheers in a home though.

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I received from @Immaculata. How great are these! Perfect for my tiki garden. They are so much fun! She also included some yummy tea. Now to find pots for my holders!