Green Veggies Potato salad

My grandma used to make potato salad, I love celery so much so I put a lot in my version.

Boil Baby potatoes add salt
Cool and dry then cut in half or cubes
Boil some eggs (hard boiled)

Prepare wash, dry and cut
Strips of cabbage
(You can put any leafy vegetables in)

Mix: the amount according to your liking:
Small amount of mayonnaise
Dijon mustard
Salt and pepper
I Love it with a lot of black pepper

Substitute: balsamic vinegar / ACV and Olive Oil
For an oil based dressing
You can do any dressing you prefer

Last peel hard boiled eggs and cut, you can use quail eggs too.

Anyway just want to share this :heartpulse:


Looks delicious!!

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It’s my favorite on the go meal :heart_eyes:

Looks wonderful!

Wow, I love that your potato salad is so green and leafy! The only potato salad I ever had was always the chunky kind with mayo—this one looks lighter and more refreshing. I love celery, too, so it’s cool that there is a lot of celery… looks yummy!

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It looks and sounds so yummy!

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Thank you! :heart_eyes: