Guitar Gift Box for Future Zag

My little cousin is graduating from high school next month and has been accepted into Gonzaga University! She’s always been involved with music and her mom (my cousin) has posted IG videos of her playing guitar and singing, so I thought that this guitar box would be a good way to present her (by mail) with a gift card to help her set up her dorm when she goes (hopefully in the fall #pandemic).


The interwebz tells me that Gonzaga colors are dark blue and white, sometimes with red accents and the pics her mom posted tell me that their welcome literature is dark blue and grey which is how I chose colors.

I accidentally started gluing the front of the neck to the neck “box” so decided to disguise the marks with some lighter grey ink all around the neck and frets. I’m pleased with how well that desperate rescue maneuver worked out! Of course, in the process of adding that grey ink, I got some on one of the white pegs. D’oh! So I added some pearly, uh… goop, to those.


Working on this yesterday reminded me of the box I made for her brother last year, so I posted it here yesterday. They grow up so fast!


I love your creative gift card holders. In the pics I can’t see any mistakes so well done on the rescue.

Beautifully made and such a thoughtful gift!

Thanks, pals!

Congratulations! Gonazaga was a university I was accepted to, but decided against attending! She’s going to love that guitar box! You are so thoughtful!


This is great! She will love it, I’m sure!!

That guitar box rocks! :laughing:

Thanks so much, everyone!

fantastic work! Love the customization of the school colors into it!

All that intricate work. Its a marvel and looks amazing!

That’s awesome! Gonzaga basketball is a rival to Washington State University (go Cougs!!!), where I attended. I hope she enjoys the area and likes the school.

That is way cool!

Thanks, friends!