Guitar Mug Mat

Another Mug Mat using the In Color Order tutorial. I actually made this one before the wolf one that I posted yesterday. This one is ok, but I wish I had used coordinating thread for the quilting instead of the dark contrast. Seemed like a good idea at the time. And it has a wonky, lumpy corner. But that’s how we learn and get better!


I love mug rugs. I will have to check out this pattern as soon as my Christmas crafting is over. I like the fabrics you chose. Don’t fret over the contrasting thread. It is still fantastic. Adds some character.

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You have such a positive attitude with your sewing! Yes!!! I think we have to all remember that a gift made from the heart is a wonderful thing, and all of the “imperfections” speak volumes! It looks good and the contrast is something I like…it breaks up the vibrant green!

Keep on making them…they will be welcomed gifts!


I like the contrasting thread. Rock and roll is all about being different, so it definitely embodies that!


I also like the contrasting thread, it makes it look like a building with windows into a music store.