Halloween Advent - Gallery

@Edel is so, so tricky.

After I posted about the inspiration blog for the small canvases, she ended up making me the retro vampire!

Isn’t he a handsome devil?

And look at this quilting:

SWOON for sure, amiright?

She also made this mandala inspired fabric painted ring:

I would LOVE to hear more about this. How is the fabric attached? It’s incredibly beautiful with light behind it. Almost like stained glass.

She also sent a spider web doily runner

And a seasonal bunting

Finally, there was a LOT of chocolate. But there was a mishap, so no photos. But it was the good stuff!

@Edel thank you for being so generous! I love everything you sent! You are a great partner!


The mandala is a silk painting. I have no idea for the silk is attached as I got the supplies from a friend and it was pre-glued down. I think they look best in a window so the light will shine through. But that will probably make the inks fade sooner-but everything is ephemeral, right?


Well, I will definitely be working out a window hanging of some kind! It’s so delicate, but bright!