Halloween Advent - Gallery

Let’s see all the lovelies for Halloween!

Original swap thread


JoyfulClover < > Edel
curiousfae < > KarenLouiseM
artsycandice < > Immaculata
chameleonhound < > Bunny1kenobi
thanate < > momiemae


I swapped with the ever lovely @Edel, and she made a sweet tree necklace with beautiful beads hung in the most clever way.

Day 1

See how each one will hang offset from the other. And not a primary color in sight! Love!

Day 2

A linocut print entitled ‘Strangle Hold’:

Squee! An giant octopus visiting the Irish countryside. Those wacky octopods!

Love, love, love!

Day 3

Teeney Tina, sayin it like it is! Ha! Get it, Tina!

I love Bob’s Burger!

Day 4

Small zipper pouch with a witchy enamel pin:

Perfectly Wicked, indeed!

Day 5

A multi-pack of 3D bats

And TWO sewn bookmarks. With quotes, about books! Love the meta here!

Edel and I share an interest in reading, so this is definitely Common Ground swapping!

Day 6

Prayer flag

I am utterly entranced by the juxtaposition between the delicate, pastel flowers and the strong autumn colors and themes. And the quote is utterly perfect - thank you, @Edel. I love it.

Day 7

The very best of blank notecards

A comical witch

A purple slanted house, I may dream of living in

A pumpkin carving scene - check out the mini weapons!

And finally:

Does that last not remind you of Summerween? In Gravity Falls? They do, right??

Each has the best background paper, too. How will I ever find someone I would share them with? Would have to be a fellow swapper, for sure!

Also, love!

Day 8
Day of the Dead quilted MAQ? Large Mug Rug? Potholder? Fabric doiley?

I’m not sure, but I like it! I will be using it on my end table. Sweet.

Day 9

Witches Be Crazy tank top

Ha! They do! I love the colonial blue of this tank against the silver sparkle. It’s fun to have an atypical color!

Day 10
This I couldn’t take a photo of well. It’s a VERY LARGE fall rectangular tablecloth. And each corner has a stamped pumpkin (2 of each).

I can’t believe only 3 days left. Boooooooo

Day 11

The very smallest graveyard shrine:

Day 13

Embroidered tree skeleton.

In METALLIC THREAD! Such a beast to work with, and yet I adore the results! Also, it feels really heavy for the size. Curious…

Day 13
A standing pouch

Witchy outside fabric is great colors!

Really BRIGHT Day of the Dead fabric on the inside!

What.A.Ride.!! Thank you so very much, @Edel! You were an excellent partner! And I only cheated once! I hope we swap again, soon!


Reserving my space :grinning:. (This is how this one works, right?)

Sorry to be so delinquent in sharing! (Water leak, drying equipment, damaged paint & floor, etc.).

Goodies: :grinning:

Day 1: Wow, SO much packed into this! The front is all wonderful cards, the back is stuffed with so much ephemera. So much vintage Halloween goodness. Ya’ll will be seeing it again in future makes. And she included the cutest note with personal info. Such a clever idea, never would have occurred to me; but, now, I feel like I know her better.

Now, off to open days 2 & 3!

Oh man, I won the partner lottery! Gorgeous cards - and I had JUST said I wanted to send a Halloween cards; but, didn’t have time to make them (see previous water issues.) I think they are watercolor? They are gorgeous! Day 2:

These are incredible. I would have never thought of Halloween masks. (Hubby just asked if he could use one - you have no idea what a big deal that is, as he is never super excited about any of the stuff I get.) Super cute & just my style! Day 3:

Ooh-whee, look what I opened. Loving the vintage look of the fabric. This is one of those years I won’t get much decorating done. So, very happy to have this to take pride of place in my kitchen!

And next! These are MAGNETS! How cool is that? Love my partner’s style & humor.

My new favorite wine glass - year round (let’s blame covid for the volume this thing will see :wink:

Ooh, this is SO sweet! Love it. I always put a bunch of small pumpkins on a runner on my dining room table in Oct/Nov. Most of them are stuffed softies of one sort or another. This will be the star!
I am so lucky! Everything curiousfae sent is just so yummy! These granny squares feel amazing. Just wonderful.
And today’s even had a super cute box for the super cute pin
This might be one of my fave things in the swap (although that’s a pretty tough field!). If @curiousfae hadn’t mentioned putting the little bits on, I would have thought she bought it this way. So well done.
Sorry to be so late getting these last few days up (been painting, tiling & grouting our formerly leaky laundry room).

Best badge/key holder ever

Mug rugs. (Reversible!) These are going to be perfect around here - I use a saucer with a folded up napkin inside as a coaster because I hate wet, slippery coasters. The napkins get messy. This will be perfect and I can wash it (and according to curiousfae it will make the edges fuzzier :grinning: when I wash it).

And finally - the best sparkly trick or treat bag ever

(For anyone as old as me :rofl:, I will make people call me Felix when I carry it!) And it was filled with the most clever goodies. Michigan gummies (shaped like Michigan, who knew?), lip balm :skull: and check out the mint planchettes

Curiousfae has been a most excellent partner! She must be a really good stalker, as she not only made things I absolutely love; but, she thought of so many super clever things that I would have wanted if I had known they existed. Really, she was like a super mind reader with mad crafting skills. I feel super spoiled.


I am going to start a discussion in the main thread. Standby!!

Calling @Edel, @curiousfae, @Immaculata to post in thread in case this wins, to reserve a spot.

I didn’t get a picture of the wrapping but here is day 1. There were no numbers so I randomly picked one.

I got bookmarks and some cool temporary tattoos for the kids. I love them!

Day 2

Today I have a magical moving raven and some stickers. I am still thinking of where to put the raven. It is amazing!

Day 3

Very nice embroidered patches that I am going to put on everything!

Day 4

very nice towel with an embroidered jack o’lantern.

Day 5

This awesome zippered pouch which held some pencils and bookmarks for my kids to decorate.

Day 6

These embroidered banner pieces. I may make wire hangers and put them on my halloween tree.

day 7

another embroidered towel and some bat decorations.

day 8

another cute ornament (well, it’s going to become an ornament). and some paintable sipders for a garland.

Day 9

OMG! I love it! I am wearing it now. It is a mini crown with skeleton hands holding potion bottles. I am the Queen of Halloween, and I can show it!

Day 10

More awesome patches.

Day 11

Cute cat stickers and two more embroidered ornaments.

DAY 12

Another cute pouch with some ouija board mints inside.

Day 13

Really cute skeleton cutouts and a skull towel.

Thank you! I love everything!


This is going to be so funnnnn! :grin:

I received from @chameleonhound and she said to open it right away… here’s why:

Chocolate in AZ is a risky proposition but she packed it in a thermal bag with ice packs! Now that’s some serious dedication!! BTW I have never seen this brand before… these bars are HUGE! Thank you so much! This made my week!

Just a note… the chocolate was an extra, and the ONLY thing I’ve opened. The rest is waiting (with antici…pation) for Oct 1! :skull:

Come on, October!!


My first item!!
An AWESOME set of zombie ATCs! They are so funny! I put them in my binder right away. I love these! Thank you, @chameleonhound!

Yaaay! Another day, another treat! A super cool HANDMADE notebook!

Check out the amazing binding! LOVE!


Thank you!


Tattoo sleeves! These are so awesome!

Thank you!


Creepy cute stickers (love the lamb! :joy:) and a bracelet with handmade beads!

Thank you!


An awesome shopping mummy! This is a paper cut and it’s just the right colors for my living room! Thank you!


A very cool and original pair of spider earrings!! I’ve never even thought to make anything like this, nor have I ever seen anything like them before! I put these on immediately!


And an action shot:


An awesome little hoopla! This is going on the wall right away!! Thank you!

I got this very cool spider web necklace! Such an original idea!

Action shot:

ANNNNND, glowing in the dark!! :heart:


Who makes Jane Austen a little more fun? The Frankensteins! This is such a great idea and delightfully rendered, too! Thank you!

DAY 10

What’s Halloween without a dancing skeleton? My youngest made off with this almost the minute I unwrapped it. lol! The skull hangs down below, and when you swing it in a circular motion, the skeleton dances!

Can you tell I took the photo in my craft room? Excuse the mess!

DAY 11

Beautiful art featuring a dark southwestern fairy! And I love this frame!

It has a bonus… take the picture out, and it becomes an earring holder! So cool! Thank you!!

DAY 12

This AMAZING Apple/skull! It’s sooooo cool!

DAY 13

Last but not least, I got this adorable bunny witch strapped in a pretty handkerchief. So cuuuuute!


All the things:

Day 1 (they’re not numbered, so we picked one at random)

Squishy crocheted bat pillow (my child tells me it’s magical)

Day 2 we counted & discovered there were actually 14 packages to start with, so we opened 2. (I blame the enthusiastic 7yo…)

two scarves (shiny spider infinity one & grey skully one), a pair of gloriously long stripey socks, & a pumpkin ornament.

And another pumpkin plus a super cute tiny cutting board w/ a pinecone. :green_heart:

Day 3, witchy signage:

Day 4 is this fall frame with sparkly confetti leaves in it. (I don’t know if we can put this on a wall… it’s too much fun to shake!)

Day 5, a pumpkiny niche… I feel like it needs the halloween equivalent of a tiny nativity scene.

Day 6: Pumpkin sign!

Day 7: Cool linen cloth & a hot pad with vinyl designs. (now with photobombing 7yo)

Day 8: 3 pumpkins sign & a craft project

Day 9: “Let’s fly, witches!”

Day 10: witchy tray


Day 11: placemats! Yay—I deeply need more of those!

Day 12: cutest mummy cat. :green_heart:

And day 13: fall festive platter (some day there will be halloween parties again & this will be quite useful…)


I’m excited to see everything! I need me some Halloween spirit! :jack_o_lantern:

I swapped with @Bunny1kenobi, and she is certainly a master of tiny details with the cute wrapping!
Here’s the lot, all spread out under our “altar of death” that is actually just our collection of found animal bones and similar nifty bits. It’s already feeling more Halloween-esque!

Day 1
A most excellent little magnetic (alien?) salamander note pad! Also each day comes with its own wee nifty magnet. :magnet: :grin:
This will definitely get put to use immediately. Especially if I can figure out how to shorten my to-do list to fit, lol.

Day 2

I got some lovely note cards! I like the piratey feel of the ones with the skull and crossbones, and I already know who I want to send one of the witches to! Note today’s cute lil’ magnet in the middle.

Day 3

Today I got to peek in the little cloth bag and look at the pretty Dia de los Muertos inspired necklace!

Day 4 sorry I got behind! I had to find a way ti get good pictures of wearables despite my recent gardening and porch-building wardrobe and the fact that it gets dark so darn early now. Anyway, check out this AMAZING knit scarfy cowl!

It has wee little skull beads in it! The pattern and colors are so pretty! @Bunny1kenobi, what is this stitch called?

So cosy! I LOVE it!

Day 5
Seriously, look how cute the wrapping is!

More wearables! Bunny1kenobi got creative with my unpierced ears - these earrings are clip-ons, and a style of clip I haven’t seen before. They’re quite comfy. There’s a lovely ring too.

Action shot!

Day 6
Today I opened a stunning notebook. The colors and the textures are so good!

Definitely feeling some swap anxiety as this one is so professional compared to the clumsy one I sent. :sweat_smile:

I’m happy to sit and pet this one while I ponder what to write in it.

Day 7
Hahaha, this one is just GLORIOUS. Behold, the world’s creepiest shih tzu!

As you can see, it has already earned a place on our mantel. Lookit the wee skull in the bow! :joy:

Day 8
So I read the note for this one the night before I opened the package. In it B1K mentioned it was featured in the game The Room by Fireproof Games, and recommended checking it out. Which meant I immediately looked it up, found the pc version for only $5, downloaded and played the whole thing. Best preparation for a swap gift ever, hahaha! :video_game:

Check out this excellent tarot card banner, and definitely check out The Room if you haven’t!

Day 9
Today I opened an adorably dystopian little book necklace. Here are some of my favorite pages, too.

Day 10

Here’s a choker-style necklace, and I don’t know if the mushroom is growing on skulls or if they’re a part of its mycelium but it’s GREAT!

*I will try to get a better picture in real lighting

Day 11

Today there was a wee autumn fairy house. B1k says it’s haunted but the faces look like grumpy tree sprites, almost like something out of the movie Labyrinth. Too cute!

Day 12
Just look at this beautiful masquerade mask! It’s so fancy!

I realized after the fact that in this photo it’s backwards, but it does show the upper flourish better.

It’s so soft and supple, including the ribbon, so much more comfortable than those generic plastic ones!

Day 13
I’m so sad it’s over, but I completely swooned over the last package!
First here’s a photo of the collection of little magnets that adorned the wrapping. There are somehow only 12 in the collection, which I 100% blame the cat for. The ghost giggles one is my favorite.

And now for the grand finale!

It’s so perfect! A Calavera-style horse! And I don’t know if it’s quilted or what but it’s plush and slightly raised which gives it more depth.

THANK YOU Bunny1Kenobi!!!


The suspense!!!



A tea wallet! I love the bubbling cauldron. It also smells wonderful because she packed it full of tea. I have secretly always wanted one of these. No really. It’s one of those things that every time I’d see someone get one, I’d think, “what a neat thing. I want one!” But alas, it never happened… until now! lol


It’s a mug rug! I really like the little stamped Halloween scene. I may end up hanging this on my wall and declaring it official seasonal decoration. :heart:


Today I opened this lovely zippered pouch. I love the spiderweb interior. And… stroopwafels!! The first time I had these was three or four years ago on a plane trip to Nashville. I MIGHT share them with my kids. Thank you!


Today unveiled fabric-covered buttons with the stamped Halloween fabric. They are really nice. I will squirrel these away for a fu ru re project.

Day 5

A Halloween mask. This is great. I will wear this at work. I love the color. I wear lots of purple. :slight_smile:


Look at this adorable little bat! It has felt details and button eyes. He is hanging up already.


Look at this fabulous beistle-inspired rornament! It will hang in my studio year-round. I love it.


Stamped coasters! I could actually use coasters in my bedroom where I keep my computer. It’s a nice wood desk… these will migrate in their immediately. :slight_smile:


I love tote bags. Really, one can never have too many. This is the perfect size for a single project, a sketch pad, or a stack of books. And it came with more treats inside!

DAY 10

Today I opened this little pouch with stones in it. She thoughtfully applied symbols that are significant to me. This will find a home in my altar cabinet.

DAY 11

A reversable mug rug.

DAY 12

These cool witches’ legs for hanging up. I am going to have fun with these.

DAY 13

Today I opened this beautiful crow hoop. I love it. It will hang on my hoop wall year round.

The end is bittersweet. I have enjoyed the gift-a-day event. I hope that everyone has an awesome Halloween. Boo!!


The box!

Nr 1

Nr 2

Nr 3

Nr 4

Nr 5

Nr 6

Nr 7

Nr 8

Nr 9

It’s not flat!

Nr 10

Nr 11

Nr 12

Nr 13

Look at this!!! It’s an ornament, but it’s quite heavy so I’m looking for a safe place to hang it. I think it’s face is ceramic covered with velvet?? That’s what it feels like. I will take better pictures by daylight.

All in all I loved this swap, @artsycandice is so talented and such an amazing artist. I can’t believe all the things she came up with. They’re all my favourite.


Day 1 @JoyfulClover said I could open them in any order, and my husband chose for me, He couldn’t resist the awesome fabric wrappings either.

And OMG She totally went completely overboard in an amazingly wonderful and generous way-you know when a swap package makes you want to immediately start making things for the next two weeks and send your partner ALL THE THINGS. that was how I felt when I opened this.

First, look at this brilliant fabric, and she sent a whole yard of it. I love it.

And look, look!! what was inside, this most amazing huge snuggly knitted shawl. Yes a shawl, in the most divine soft mellow colours. She must have forgotten that this was supposed to be 13 small items! But I simply adore this, I am wearing it right now and it is light, soft, warm and just lovely. There was an extra item inside this first day, but I am saving this for tomorrow- The shawl is glory enough

Brian trying to show how large it is (she’s so cute, she remembered that I said in a chat that I love a huge snuggly shawl)

He’s cute, but he’s no blue steel.

Neither am I, but this is just glorious


The sweetest most adorable witch, she is gorgeous, but she’s not divulged her name yet. Time will tell The colours and the details are fabulous and her hair reminds me of mine :grin:

Day 3
This couldn’t be better timed. Grandmother Owl often shows up when things need to be let go of in life. And I am selling my home, so she is so appropriate.

I love this beautiful stitched tree with the owl. It is luminously lovely. Simple and perfect. Love it!

I have it on my household altar,

Day 4. I woke up this morning with a covid-sad or maybe it was just hormones, but then I remembered I had a package to open, it’s cheered me up big time. I couldn’t resist the fabric in this one and it was wrapped in not just one, but two half yards of the most amazing halloween fabric. Look!

But to the best bit, it is a cold day here today, so a woolly hat is just perfect, it is really soft and warm and I love the colours. It’s been firmly lodged on my head since I opened the package.

Action shot, very smexy pre-brekkie look

Day 5 @JoyfulClover is multi talented.
Look at this set of adorable monsters, they have a real 1950s vibe. Paper pieced?? Tell me more. The spoon is for size reference

Day6 nooo this can’t be nearly half over.
I love love love these. Two hand carved stamps that are totally, completely me. Corvids and caravans.

Day 7 this is very timely and useful. I’m making two cloaks (medieval reenactment) they’re not for me, they are raw silk and have the longest hems in.the.world. and the hem has to be hand sewn. The raw silk is a PITA to sew. But this lovely pincushion/pocket/sewing organiser is right beside me as I work. It’s saving my usual hunt for thread, scissors etc etc while I’m hand sewing. I love it.

DD in the corner of the picture.

It’s anyone else finding the unopened packages incredibly tantalising?!

Day 8 (already!)
@JoyfulClover is so clever and creative, I want to be her neighbor and pop in for many craft sessions. I love today’s gifty. It’s for my new house, although I have it hanging on my current front door. It’s a witches bell, to keep the bad things away
On the door

Close up showing the spell

And the other side

Isn’t she clever. I love it.

Day 9

How cute is this?!! I love the wee house and the copper flowers, sitting on a bed of fairy snow. It’s just gorgeous, so serene.


Day 10 this most amazing beaded spider. I love her so much. So pretty and I love spiders

Day 11 I’m running out of superlatives. This hoop-amazing, just amazing. It’s witchy and perfect and I love the stitching.

And I’m bereft. Only two more days :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Day 12 The sweetest earrings. I am wearing the blue ones right now. That blue plus silver is the perfect combo for me. And I love the simplicity of the crystal drop ones, they are really lovely


Day 13 another adorable gift. @JoyfulClover totally spoiled me. I’ve loved every single thing. This swap has been just amazing.

This super cute wooden witches hat. I love the green background. It’s already on my wall.

Thank you so much @JoyfulClover I can’t believe it’s over now. But opening these preciouses has been a daily highlight. And thank you for organising. Xxx


EDITED! NOW WITH BETTER PICS! (they still don’t do her work justice though)

the whole massive package!

A beautiful Countdown display.
So many awesome details like the little spider dangling from skelly’s hand.
(You guys, I think I am going to be saying ‘awesome’ a lot with this swap.)

See the little ledge at the bottom…

It holds an individual card for each day!

She’s added a little detail on each card to just notch this thing up to spectacular. Her paper game is on point!

and the back neatly holds all the cards!


this sweet spooky banner!

Again so many fantastic details. Each section has a ton of little things to look at. This will do doubt stay up all year.


Look at this!
We need to hear how you made this @KarenLouiseM!
From the Russian folktale of BabaYaga.

Day 4

Some more lovely paper crafting masterpieces. Again each one has tiny little details that make them so unique. I love the use of the buttons on each.

Day 5

An miniature apothecary! What?!?! Everyday I open something and I’m just floored.

Day 6

Look at this little skeleton theater! She even DANCES folks!
She’s made of shrinkydinks. Which just blows me away. Really clever. When you twist the knob on the back she moves. I’m just blown away by the craftsmanship with each item I open.

Day 7

This one is perfect for my desk at work! I work in pathology and our humor tends to be a bit morbid at times.

The tag says:
Despite my ghoulish reputation, I really have the heart of a small boy. I keep it in a jar on my desk.

The gift tag had me smiling.

Day 8

More shrinkydink mastery!
I can’t wait to wear these to work. I can’t really dress up at work so jewelry is my only festive outlet for the holiday. Perfect!

Day 9

Fridge magnets! The little dress up squirrels are so adorable. And the little TVs are absolutely perfect! Reminds me of watching Creature Feature on Saturday nights as a kid.

Day 10
A fantastic festive wreath for my door! Can you believe that I have never had a wreath to hang on my door? It’s so fun!

Day 11

Another amazing piece from @KarenLouiseM!
Look at this beautiful witch and her dress of occult trinkets.


Day 12

What an adorable Fall display! Perfect!

Day 13

Well folks, what can I say… I think I won the Swap Lotto! I now have my very own mini Zoltan fortune telling machine. The crank even moves!

@KarenLouiseM has managed to outfit my home in Halloween goodness in one fell swoop (fell swap even :laughing:). Thank you so much! You are so kind and generous and extremely talented. I will display these items with pride.


Look what’s arrived!!!


Yes! That is what I sent! Yay! After hearing of the 5 months your other package took, I figured we would have to settle in as well! Woot-to-the-woot!

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Hey all! We voted to start opening a present a day, beginning October 1, and swappers will edit the single post they’re claimed - so make sure to check for everyones’ packages (as notifications will not be pushed).

One Intl. package is still outstanding, but I have hopes it will arrive in time. * fingers crossed *

Poll for opening preference:
CLOSED: Halloween Advent - SU 6/11-6/24 SO 8/27?

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@Bunny1kenobi I just saw your Tony’s bars! It’s a Dutch brand and they have the best flavour combinations and it’s also 100% free of child labour. They have a white chocolate popping candy bar which is my favourite.

It’s my parcel to @artsycandice that’s still on the way. According to track & trace info it arrived in her area 10 days ago so we’re just waiting for delivery now.


Oh my, they are delicious!

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THE TIME IS FINALLY HERE!!! Tomorrow morning, we can start opening! Post your photos here - and if you haven’t already, remember to thank your wonderful partner.

Thanks to each of you, for making this a relatively painless swap - for THIRTEEN ITEMS! That is huge! I appreciate your enthusiasm and engagement! Now let’s see what everyone made! WOOT!


THANK GOODNESS. It is only 9:00 am here, and it has already been a DAY. I’m trying to wait until tomorrow morning (Oct 1) to open the first one, but between being woken up at 5am, a stalled porch project, the subsequent unfinished roof and the huge rainstorm that managed to leak mainly in my current work-from-home office, which is also the room where I store my craft supplies and cello… (it’s a good thing I was woken up early so I could stumble around in the dark, moving things as the water was dripping through the light fixture). Not to mention that the pupper might be getting his second knee surgery tomorrow but I’m still waiting to hear confirmation from the vets. Maybe I’ll open it tonight. :sweat_smile:

@Bunny1kenobi, partner, I hope you won’t mind! I am in desperate need of some happy October feelings!
P.S. The skull light-up necklace is an extra too, so open that whenever you deem it necessary!


I don’t mind at all! I sure hope you like your goodies!