Halloween Boardwalk D-eye-orama


I have been getting a big kick out of this eyeball die set I got in Sept and then I picked up the hats & collars set and had to put them together! It made sense to me to set them into “shadow boxes” on coordinating background - then one thing led to another and out came this decoration.

These are all the dies and embossing folders I used to make it.


And now the endless detail shots!

Views from the top and bottom: The three box lids cut from a white wood plank cardstock.

View for the side:

The top-bit is mostly black/white/grey, but the award ribbon is a metallic plum with gold inking highlights.

The three fine specimens:

I added Tiny LIghts by punching holds between the shadow boxes and one through the back.


It’s out of character for me, but the back on this isn’t really finished or decorated. The controls for the lights are easily accessible, however.


It’s spending October in the gallery wall in place of another year-round piece.



This is extremely cool! Love those eyeballs!

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Super cool! The lights really take it over the top in a magical way. I need that box die! Perfect addition to your gallery wall.


Thanks, y’all!

Oh I love these guys!!! It’s so cool to see all the stuff you used to make them. I honestly have no idea what dies and folders mean, ha! Everything came together so nicely, though, like it was meant to be! Love the added lights, too.


Everything that went into making this piece— wow! I love that it lights up and it looks great on the wall. True “eye candy”!

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Thanks, friends! It took forever and I loved almost every minute of it!

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