Halloween Chunky House - Cleaning Ghosts

I made this for @irid3sc3nt in the Chunky House Halloween Edition 2023 swap.

I was immediately struck by her theme of “housecleaning ghosts,” and even sketched out a drawing right away. I wanted them to be giving their old haunted house a cute/kawaii makeover (irid3sc3nt and I bonded a bit over both liking cute Halloween).

The house is two panels of chipboard cut to shape - with the little roof overhang, it’s pretty exactly 5"x7". The inside is reinforced with a few “beams,” and the edges are just foam tape I painted black.

I embossed wood grain paper and made the individual boards for the house, as well as some floor boards, and the door. I aged the edges of them all with ink, highlighted/lowlighted the embossing a bit, and added little dots for nail heads.

The roof is individual shingles I embossed, cut, and kind of wonky-stacked.

The brick was done with crackle texture paste and a stencil, colored with ink and mortared with a paint pen.

The ghosts are made with some scrap PUL and stuffed with a little fluff to give them more shape. The feather duster is a thin vellum-y paper rolled up and snipped, and the dresser I just free-handed with paint pens and some scrap chipboard.

The broom is part of a bamboo skewer, some raffia, and a tiny plastic hair band. The rug is a piece of burlap ribbon I cut to size and embellished with paint pens.

The flowers are those white Tim Hotlz ones you can get at the craft store that I dyed with ink, and the reeds behind them are the stems from the flower bunch.

The door was made with two of the wood planks, and I cut it at an angle to look like it’s open. The handle is a nail head I snipped off a nail.

The house number is a charm (again, Tim Holtz) that is attached with another snipped nail head.

The painting ghost might be my favorite. The graffiti he’s covering is paint and liner pens. His paint roller is a piece of wire I bent to shape and part of a pom pom I cut, smooshed with a little collage medium, and colored with the same paint pen.

The little pumpkin I just freehanded and made a frame with a discard of chipboard.

The spider is some threads I rolled up with collage medium and black paint, and the web is polyfil mixed with collage medium.

And finally, the back is just a scrap paper panel I had inked and stamped that I cut to size.

Whew! Thanks for looking! Definitely check out the swap gallery - it’s already filling with cool creations!


That’s great!
Scary and cute! And so well made.

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So many amazing details! The little feather duster kills me.

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That is so incredibly cute! (apologies to the ghosties for not calling them scary :laughing:)

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This is just…wow! Fantastic!! So many tiny details. It’s jam packed with awesome.

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I’m the recipient of this work! I love it so much.

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This is so fun and funny! What great detail included and cute story behind it. Before I read about the feather duster and looked more closely I was worried that these ghosts might accidentally use a pal for a dust rag!


Thank you so much for all the kindness!

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