Halloween earrings

I made some fun earrings for the season! Most of these went into my STS shop- except for the white skulls! Those went out to @Tapestry in the Grab Bag swap. For some reason the white skulls look like they are different sizes, but they arenโ€™t. Weird.

Thanks for looking!


Spooky! The skulls with crowns are very cool.

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cool! iโ€™d wear any of those! (and actually have red skulls with crowns)

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Thank you! Iโ€™d love to see your red skull earrings, @steiconi!

I love the spiders! They are all perfect for the season (anytime, really!). Nice work as always!

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Thank you!!

I love ALL OF THESE!!!

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Spooky fun!

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Thanks guys!

These are all neat, but the googly eyes are my favorite because they are hilarious!

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Thanks! :eyes:

I, too, love the googlies. :smile:

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Lol! Thank you!