Handmade Journal to Store all the Paper Goodies (pic heavy)

I love making embellishments and having ephemera for journals, but was struggling to remember what to make, how to make it, and where to keep it.

I came across this tutorial for making an Envelope Journal. It was a bit daunting since I really haven’t done any serious bookbinding in quite some time, but her instructions were very clear and relatively simple. The only thing I changed was that I did not go through the outside cover when binding…I used a separate spine and then later glued and sewed it into the cover. Everything is glued using Fabric Fusion glue. I did use E600 to glue in the bound spine.

The outside cover is made from a Cheezit box covered in some fabric that I had leftover from curtains I made. I made all the envelopes using double sided scrapbook paper–there are ten of them. I also made two pocket pages.

Once the journal was completed, I had fun filling up the envelopes with things I have made or saved up. I attached some pieces to the backs of the envelopes. My goal is to use this book to help remind me where I got the tutorial, save any templates and instructions, keep a few things I made so I can make them again, etc. I still have plenty of room for future “stuff”.

Here are some of the envelopes and the things I did:

Pocket page to hold tags, misc. circles. I made the tag on the left.

Envelope to hold mini-journals I made.

Toilet paper roll pocket and tag glued to the back of an envelope

Pocket page to hold paper dolls and various envelopes…the swirly one was made by @Onyxnox

I am using many of the envelopes to hold things with themes…this is my “mushrooms” envelopes full of stickers, tags, stamps, etc. I have one for “birds”, “leaves and flowers”, and “Butterflies & bees”.

This will be a working journal as I make more things and, hopefully, when it comes times for swaps or happy mail, I can find things to pass on as well!

Thanks for looking!


This takes the cake for beautiful scrap storage! And I assumed initially you had just bound envelopes you had on hand, but you actually made the envelopes too!? Simply stunning, all of it.

ETA: now I have watched that video, I’m going to undo some work on my summer challenge project book and use this style of binding instead. It looks good and sturdy too.


Thanks…it is not really my “style” but I used what I had for the most part to make it more functional than artsy…

It was easier to make the envelopes because they had to be able to open in order to bind them. Plus, I am trying to use up all of those scrapbooking pages somehow! lol

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Really lovely.


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Oh my goodness! I love it! I need to try and make one. Thanks for inspiring me.

This is a really pretty, functional, helpful, and fun idea!

So pretty and functional

All around wonderful. I love seeing your ladies tucked in there.

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So practical and so pretty!

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I love this & it’s given me ideas!

I just saw another storage idea that I am going to try for housing stuff not already made but can be used to store things like words, stamped images, etc. I am tired of digging through boxes or trying to remember where I put the little book pages I stamped…I also have a bin now for all masterboard scraps…lol…a book is not going to be able to hold those! lol

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Well, lookie here! :heart_eyes_cat: Your wonderful craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects!

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Congrats! @AIMR

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Well done! This is my first time seeing this post but I too have recently watched that tutorial (perhaps you shared a link to the channel on one of the boards?) and have begun making my own space themed one. I can’t wait to share it with you when I’m done x

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This is really great, what a fabulous idea and excellent execution

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This is brilliant! :heart_eyes: