Ephemera journal

I saw the ephemera journals bugaboo and AIMR made and wanted to make one too but I took the easy way out. Instead of hand binding I used a binder machine to make it a spiral book.

I used the cover of a used up paper pad as the cover.


Awesome! I need to jump on that bandwagon and make one to store all the bits and bobs. Your version looks great!

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The cover is gorgeous! I like the easy spiral bound look.

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Love your take on it! Lovely and functional! If I decided to make more journals, I am going to get a spiral binder machine…we had one at work that I wish I had brought down with me…no one else is using it!

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This turned out great! One thing that is so nice about a wire or spiral bound book is how you can lay them so flat and even fold one side all the way back behind the side you’re using.


Love this. Need this. Runs off to search for bind-it-all in the infinity closet…


Very very nice. I need to make myself one too.

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Beautiful! Love the mix of papers and themes you used

This is beautiful! You are so talented.

This is beautifully done!

Ooh, that looks fab! I like how an inspired object is bound (see what I did there? haha!) to be an inspiring object. Cool!

I made a couple of these and I love them.

So I looked at my stash of junk mail / recycling envelopes and sorted them into 2 sizes and made 2 more envelope books.

Except for the wire coil everything is something that would have otherwise been thrown away or recycled.

The covers are just scraps of chipboard. I’m sure they will get covered in paint eventually.