Hanging candle globe

I made this hanging globe for @Magpie in the Imbolc swap we started on Discord. Magpie took much better pictures than I did, so I hope she doesn’t mind that I used hers. The twigs were from a cinnamon broom soaked in water, took apart, and formed into hoops. The candle was an orange Halloween clearance candle I painted with old, globby silver nail polish. I actually like the final look. The globe can sit on the table or hang. The silk strips are attached to the main structure via magnet for more versatility. This was so much fun to make!


It’s very pretty. I love the hanging silk strips and the little suspended pearls.

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That’s a neat piece. I’m impressed at the reuse of the cinnamon broom (did it retain any of its scent?)!

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The broom had been in my house for months and had already lost its scent. When it was wet I could smell a little cinnamon, but not much.


This is stunning! Really beautiful. And it survived shipping!! :raised_hands:


What a beautiful idea.

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This is so beautiful and creative!

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Such a creative and charming piece

This is so pretty.

That’s really cool and pretty, I love the way it’s set up as well as the use of moss and twigs.

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This is just beautiful. I love it both ways, hanging or on the table. It looks like a tiny fae could be caught dancing away in it at any moment.

That is beautiful.

I raved over this in the swap, and I’m thrilled it got it’s own post!

I love you reused formerly functional items, so they continued on. I would not have thought of the glass beads hanging down in the middle, and would have been so wrong. They are like water droplets.

This piece is phenomenal. :four_leaf_clover: :metal: :shamrock:

I love the reuse of the cinnamon! And the overall result is amazing. I love the look!

Wow this is gorgeous! Great idea to have the silk strips come off so it can sit.

Thank you to everyone for all the kind words. I have never done anything like this and it was a really enjoyable challenge. :heart:

It’s more wonderful close up and in person even. It’s really incredible, so darn amazing.

This is absolutely incredible!!

Ohhhhh I looove this! Wonderful job!:smiley: