Happy Mail Swap Gallery

Great package @Bunny1kenobi
Love those miniatures!

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Thank you!

I am so excited to share my Happy Mail from @bluebird! I would like to start by saying this is my first ever swap. I always wanted to do one even years ago when I was very active on craftster, but I felt intimidated so I never did. @bluebird was so kind and answered a lot of questions for me so she was a good partner even before I received her awesome mail.

I told her I love cemeteries and old horror movies (my fav is The Bride of Frankenstein). The envelope:

It is so pretty! I love the moon around my address. I plan to hack this up and paste into my journal.

A cemetery bookmark, stickers and adorable RIP cards that will make awesome gift tags.

They are tombstones for the recently dead iPod, MySpace, Cingular and the Snuggie blanket. All of which I had at some point except a Snuggie (but I have used one!)

She also made me a small bunting that I have already found a place for. On the shelf above my desk at my home office where I currently work full time.

The stickers and bunting remind me of Edward Gorey (who I adore, have several books and art prints) but I never told my partner that!

Here is the last and most favorite thing:

A Bride of Frankenstein ATC card. You are such a talented artist! I absolutely love everything and feel very lucky to have received you as a partner. Thank you so much!


What a fabulous package!! The envelope Art alone is enough to cause swooning! My fave thing though - the RIP cards! They made me chuckle.


What a great package!

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Wait… snuggies are dead… (hangs head in reverence).
Awesome gallery so far! :two_hearts:


What wonderful creative mail!! @bluebird made such a fun, thoughtful package (esp the fab ATC)!


I just realized I called it an ATC card like ATM machine or SSN number. Whoops!


Haha, I’m sure I’ve done that sometimes too!


Hooray! So glad it arrived safely and that you enjoyed everything! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m so happy you decided to join in swapping here too! And I really enjoyed having you as my swap partner too! :blush:

Thanks, everyone! :slight_smile:

The RIP cards idea came from a news article I saw about a guy doing a cemetery of ‘dead’ trends like that in his yard for Halloween. I thought it was funny and would make great little note cards so tried to come up with things that @susieoregon would remember and find funny . :smile:


I’ve totally done that too! :slight_smile:


I received some awesome spoilage from @kittykill… hope you’re sitting down coz this is a FANTASTIC package!

First, the envelope featuring oodles of pretty Washi tape!


Next came a lovely embroidered handkerchief:


Some “Friendship Thread” in pretty shades:


One of her delightful stuffed envelopes of ephemera and Alice in Wonderland tea!

What could be inside this intriguing beauty?


It’s stuffed full of darling little pretties!


And then, if all that wasn’t enough, she made sure I’ll NEVER be bored making masterboards! Look at ALL. THESE. STENCILS! :star_struck:


Thank you SOOOOO MUCH @kittykill!! This package makes me so happy!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Wow! Awesome package :smiley:

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Love the washi tape envelope!

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That package is drool worthy! Just the washi tape envie and stencils I would have been over the moon!


@susieoregon, what a fun cemetary-themed package! Those tombstone cards a hilarious, and I love the envelope art and the bookmark. The little bunting is adorable (bunting just makes things so much cuter), and the only way that ATC could be better is if it was of Frankenstein himself (he’s my favorite monster…so misunderstood…).

@Bunny1kenobi, you were totally spoiled! I love the pattern on the handkerchief, and I really like the little notecards. And stencils! I am jealous (although I recently gathered mine up, and now I have more then I realize… but there’s nothing wrong with more :wink: )!


What a wonderful package of happiness!!

This gallery gets more fabulous by the day :rainbow: :star2:

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love the crafty theme of the hanky!
sooo many stencils!
great package!

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So many happy packages here! Gorgeous work, ladies!

Speaking of gorgeous, I received from our fearless leader geekgirl. We decided to do extras, and boy did she ever!

First, a look at the beautiful envelope:

Next, we have papers, cards, ATCs, embellishments and general awesomeness:

Finally, we have some amazing coffee filter art, beautiful bookmarks, and the tiniest little bee book that I love so much!

Thank you so much, geekgirl! This was an awesome swap as always. :grin:


I also received from @geekgirl. Carlee - you know me well. Everything is fab and OMG! That tiny book!

Mid-century modern envelope

Full of stuffed envelopes and bags

An altered spool book - Create Art is the message

Handmade cards with washi tape and sentiments Hi, Hello, Thank You, and Just a Note

A teeny tiny junk journal

I’m going to have to try this you enabler you. Also a future swap idea - tiny books!

Scrap sampler books - I’m still making ICADs and altered/scrappy Rolodex cards so I will use these immediately.

Also included in this photo, a matchbook-style notepad.

And more notepads and an coffee filter pocket filled with bookmarks and painted papers

Some altered playing cards/ATCs

And a few more notepads

Thanks so much, Carlee. What an absolutely fun package to open.

(And great minds think alike - I sent you similar stuffs. I forgot to add note, I’ll email it to you.)