Happy Mail Swap Gallery

I received a giant box of happy mail from @SonjaBoo! We agreed on extras and she really spoiled me. It was like Christmas opening all the goodies!

Everything together

Some giant stickers and several copies of Cloth Paper Scissor magazines that I can’t wait to look through!

Die cuts, a decorated mini notebook, clothespins with ladybugs and mushrooms.

Gelli print notecards and giant decorated paper clips

random extras - stickers, notebook, bingo cards, charms

metallic pocketletter! this is so cool looking

several homemade/decorated envelopes full of goodies

Look at these tiny little folder sets. there were several of these. so cute.

random papers, buttons, etc

lots of washi and decorative tapes

mini books and tags

pretty rosettes that sonjaboo made

some metallic papers, and metal letter disks and brads

and a tardis pendant! It’s so shiny. It was pretty hard to get a good pic.

Thanks @sonjaboo! thanks for the great package!


Wow!! Is there anything that ISN’T in there? I didn’t know I needed mini file folders until now…


Ooo… such a pretty jellyfish envie! :fish Beautiful tissue paper impressions! haha, love the llama party! :smiley: :llama: And such pretty faux postage. :slight_smile:

Aww, such a sweet birdie patch. :bird: And those masterboard heart stickers are really pretty! :sparkling_heart: I love the pocket letter and those tiny little file folders! :file_folder: So cute!


Holy moly, so many amazing packages of happy mail!

@geekgirl your paper art is fabulous! great ATCs and envelope drawing!! the altered spool is so cool :smile_cat:

@Smmarrt the hearts, tickets, notebook - all beautiful!! love what you do with colours

@craftADDchick wonderful jellyfish, and I’m another one who wants to try those cool tissue paper embossings!!

@Raury that little felt bird is just lovely! :bird: awesome hotpad too

@Reinikka those masterboards are fantastic! love the texture and all the great tags and stickers as well

@SonjaBoo wow that is an amazing haul of awesomeness!! the rosettes and decorated envelopes are so fab!

Everyone is sending such wonderful mail :heart: I am checking my mailbox obsessively!


Holy Moly! That is an abundance of goodies @geekgirl! I would be totally overwhelmed by all of that, but I know you’ll make most excellent use of it all. And, I agree with @Bunny1kenobi, mini file folders are something that I definitely need to add to my stash :slight_smile:

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I think we all need mini file folders now!!
Wow - @SonjaBoo - that’s a lotta paper crafting!

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