Harbor Blanket #1

At the beginning of the year, I joined a crochetalong on Attic 24 to help me focus and keep my mind off my health issues. A new set of rows was given each Friday, and I did my best to keep up. It was difficult because I was not supposed to be sitting too long and had to get up a lot to do exercises, etc. but I did it!

It is pretty huge for me, with 168 rows, but it went pretty quickly because of all of the color changes. Halfway though, I also decided to do another version of it simultaneously and just have the border to finish on it. I highly recommend repetitive patterns to keep the mind engaged and free of stress!


So bright and cheery! Great way to keep yourself occupied.


Oh, it’s so beautiful. I just love it, what a gorgeous blanket!

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Love it! It looks so warm and squishy, perfect for snuggling up under.

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I love how colorful it is, it was a great choice for the winter months (even if your winter isn’t so wintery there at the seaside.)
I did a similar thing with a knit blanket in stockinette with a small border of seed. Very relaxing to just have the two rows.

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This is so pretty! It looks like it is meant to be on that blue bedspread!

So glad to have you on the mend and back with your Lettuce family!


I love these colours! Was it the colour order that the crochetalong provided each week? I love the random order look.

Yes, each week she provided a chart for the colors. I got a few of the blues mixed up but it seemed not to matter too much! lol

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It turned out beautifully!

Very pretty! I love the waves of color. My sister uses repetitive patterns like this for meditation, so I can see how it would be very relaxing.


This blanket is just so crisp and pretty.

It’s gorgeous! The colours are so nice together. Repetitive patterns have also really helped me in the past. Knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, it’s all great for stress relief and a sense of accomplishment when you see your work grow. And when someone else provides the pattern you don’t even have to think about it.

I also looked up the website of Attic24 to check the pattern, and to my great delight, I immediately recognized the train station in the first picture of her most recent post! We’ve been in that town before and we’ll be there a few weeks from now. It’s made me even more excited for our holiday there in three weeks. Lots of yarn shops in that area too :slight_smile:


She gets all of her inspiration from the places she visits. I was fascinated by the colors she chose based on the various buildings, boats, fishing buoys, etc. I have made several afghans using her colors. They are good for “not thinking”…I need that right now!


The colors and stitches are beautiful!

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It’s lovely and so cheerful!

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It’s like bright, beautiful waves of happiness. So pretty!