Harbor Blanket in Colorwash Colorway

Back in May, I posted that I finished my Harbor Blanket.

Because it required so many colors, there was lots of yarn that was going to be leftover, so the designer included a different colorway to use up most of the yarn. I alternated between the two blankets and, while I finished them almost the same time, I stopped when it came to doing the border.

Well, decided to just finish! Now I have two snuggley blankets for chilly nights!


How pretty! I like the warm to cool color change on this blanket. It looks huge and perfect for snuggling!

How cozy…and the colours are gorgeous!

Wow! Two beautiful blankets! Love the colors on both of them. How cool that the designer tried to help everyone limit stash by suggesting the second colorway.


gorgeous! so happy & bright :slight_smile:
and I’m impressed that you finished not one but TWO!
(says the gal who tends to have a dozen UFOs laying around the house at any given time)



lol believe me, I have plenty of projects that I need to finish up…

I have an ongoing scrappy afghan using up whatever is left from the other afghans, but like a doof, I forgot to mark what hook I used so I have to swatch a few sizes to use up the leftovers from this one…it is a never- ending cycle…lol


The color change colors are unique and done so well. Awesome blanket in time for the cold!

Both color ways are beautiful! And just in time for cooler weather.

Beautiful! And congratulations on finishing two projects!


I wish I could give this more than one :heart:, stripy blankets are my favorite!


This is SO pretty and looks cozy.

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So lovely! I love the color progression.

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