Harry Potter Craftalong ~ Sept-Dec 2023

I love all the little badgers!

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Thank you! :smiley: I have more badgers planner to make, but need to do something other so I dont get bored with them.

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Better post the socks I just finished, even though it feels like Im posting alot! :sweat_smile:

Project Title: Scrap socks for brother
House: Hufflepuff
I have come to the conclusion that one of my way of showing love is to make for the people I love. And who doesnt need socks (at least when living in a country with cold, snowy winter). So I made him a pair using some scrap yarn to try to make my stash smaller :smiley:


Project Title: Scrappy Potholders
House: Gryffindor!
LC Challenge: Talk Scrappy to Me

This bundle of scrappy items were all made for the Talk Scrappy to Me Challenge. I gave some away as raffle prizes for the Midwest Meetup, and gifts for friends. Some are still hiding in my gift cupboard for future surprises.

Scrappy Koozies & Flying Geese Koozies

Scrappy Cord Holder

Scrappy Zip Pouches

Sari Silk Trivet
I couldn’t figure out what to make for my gift for the Gift Exchange at the Meetup, till I remembered I had a beautiful skein of sari silk ribbon yarn, that I had been waiting to use for the right project. I decided to take a stab at wrapped rope trivets and bowls. I started with this large oval trivet.

Sari Silk Bowl - Small
I was having so much fun, I moved on to trying a bowl.


All beautiful stuff, but the bowl….wow!


I love all the scrappy projects!

Project Title: Dark Gray Sweater Yarn
House: Slytherin

This is the last of the dark gray roving from Sheep Shed Studios. Admittedly, I pitched a couple ounces because it got dusty when they sanded my bar top last week and I didn’t want to deal with it. I combined the two bobbins of singles while plying and ended up with this monstrous 155g/408yds hank. I’m calling my sweater spin complete with 3 pounds spun up, even if I do have 12 oz of brown left. This isn’t the nicest wool to spin.


@tendstowardschaos You are on fire! So many amazing projects but you made that plaid shirt?!?! I thought it was the project going to be some mending or something since it looked just like something I would buy from a shop. Amazing!

@skrutt Those badgers are so cute! And I’m blown away my that teeny tiny dragon.

@MistressJennie Those potholders look just like stained glass. So pretty!



Thank you! :smiley:

Hooray! Another term! :slight_smile: I’d like to add an advanced study project. I’m working on a roombox :slight_smile: It all came as a kit, but absolutely everything is made from scratch. I guess I should finally finish that throw for Muggle Studies, too! It’s nearly done!

Project Name: Reducio!
House: Hufflepuff
Brief Description: I’m making a 1:24 scale roombox from a kit. All the materials are in the kit, but everything has to be made from scratch. I’m substituting a few things to make modifications that I like better.

Inquiring minds want to know - what scale will your roombox be?

Advanced Studies project proposals still need a Header (mostly so I don’t miss them going by). Be sure to add one for me. Or go up, and adjust your last post, so I see it when I go by doing House Points sometime this week.

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@MistressJennie Thank you! I’ll adjust it. :slight_smile:

@Trillian it’s 1:24 scale. I want to do some 1:12 ones though, too :slight_smile:

Project Title: Canned Raspberry Jam
House: Hufflepuff

Inordinately proud of this one - I’d helped out with water bath canning growing up, but had intimidated myself out of doing it for several months. But everything worked exactly as it should and I can work through the fruit freezer stash now.

I did also get up to the first muslin for my Advanced Studies project during the break, but it fit so poorly I basically threw it down in digust. It’s probably been in time out long enough that I can safely tackle it again.


I hope your next muslin works out. But, yay! Jam!

Mmmm… Raspberry jam!

Project Title: Socks for nephew
House: Hufflepuff
Finished a pair of socks today, meant for my nephew. But I noticed I have made the cuffs? sleeve? (the part that goes on the leg) different lengths! They differ 1 cm. And now Im not sure if I should make new one. The kid is 3 years old, so he can use them this season and after that they are too small…
But they look good if you dont know :wink:


They look great! And the kiddo won’t care.

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Thank you! And Im glad you think so too!

Project Title: Large Sari Silk Bowl
House: Gryffindor!
More Sari silk bowls, and some coasters for my dad’s birthday.

Project Title: Medium Sari Silk Bowl

Project Title: Sari Silk Coasters

Project Title: Purple Rope Trivet
And a trivet for mom’s kitchen, so she wouldn’t feel left out.

Project Title: Purple Cord Catchers
Swap Item: LC Grab Bag Swap
I made two of these for my two partners in the Grab Bag Swap, but forgot to get pictures. I snagged this one from kayrun’s post in the gallery, hence all the other stuff around it. The fabric is some of my solar printed cloth, and I was able to use up some ugly ceramic and glass beads as the weights inside.

Project Title: Scrappy Dishcloth
Swap Item: LC Grab Bag Swap
When I made up my two packages for the swap, I had a lavender purple dishcloth for one, and for the other a bar of lavender soap. I decided to make it more even by including a scrappy dishcloth with the bar of soap package, and a scrap of soap in the solid dishcloth package. I love how cheerful this scrappy little friend came out.