Harry potter lap quilt

A little friend (7yrs) of a friend was born with some physical challenges. He is also a Harry potter nut. I made him a little HP pouch as I had picked up some FQ. He apparently was thrilled with it and he even sent me a thank you note with a picture of Dobby.

So of course I had to make him something else. I used all my HP fabric and added some snitches I’d printed. And made him a lap quilt. The back is a piece of fabric I tie-dyed. I finished it this morning. It must be breakfast time now!


What a sweet gift! :heart: He’ll love it.

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Geez woman…you do more work before breakfast than I probably do all week!

I think the patterns and colors would make any child happy…but with the HP stuff and him being a fan…well, over the top!

Nice job…


Harry Potter and tie dye?! A winning combination!


Super cute!!!

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That’s the sweetest. How cute he sent you an adorable note that you couldn’t resist responding to with an entire quilt! :smile: only you, Edel


So thoughtful and generous of you to make not only a pouch but this gorgeous quilt! His note would definitely be something to treasure.


Oh, my gosh, that is absolutely lovely!

Look at all that awesome HP fabric!!! I know he’ll love it.

@Magpie who would fail to be touched by the sweet little note


Oh my gosh, how completely adorable.
I can’t show this to my children, they wouldn’t understand why none of the thank-you cards they send are repaid with fabulous quilts! Lol


This is the sweetest gift! And what a sweet friend :blue_heart:

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That quilt is amazing, and the speed with which you work is nothing short of magic :heart:

This is wonderful dear! So freakin’ cute, and a sweet gift for your little friend.

Omgawsh! He sent you owl mail!! What a great quilt for a great little guy!



love the teal and yellow color combination!

What a sweet gift! I adore the color combinations. So cheerful!

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This is so sweet. What a wonderful gift.

Such a sweet quilt, and I love the idea of the tie-dye backing!

Lovely quilt and you did that back strip again. Ah! I love it!

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