First Quarter Featured Member -Edel

Please join me in getting to know @Edel our first quarter featured member on the Fiber and Textile board. Edel is not only busy posting on this board so be sure to check out her projects in other boards too!

Edel tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? Family?

I am in my 50s, living in Ireland, but with gypsy wandering feet, I have lived in the UK and Australia, but despite the rain I think I am settled for good in Ireland. I got married last year, and the wedding was very much a crafty/reuse/recycle wedding, lots of the decoration ideas were from years of crafting. It was a magical day. I have a 25 year old daughter who has been brought up around craft and has benefited a lot over the years from lovely craft swap goodies. My school was a traditional girls school and we were all taught from an early age to knit and sew. Knitting is not a love of mine, but I have been sewing my own clothes since I was about 14. Long before the internet and the explosion of ideas and new things to try, that the internet brought to me.

What is your favorite thing to create and why?

My first love is probably sewing. From my very first adult home, when I was about 22, I have always had a dedicated craft space. It has never been a very big space, but it always existed. There is nothing like having a corner dedicated to craft. For me it means that I can always sit and sew for an hour or a day, without having to drag everything out and put it away again. Sewing (and craft in general) is an escape, I need to create things and watching something take shape and knowing that I brought something new, and hopefully beautiful into the world, gives me a sense of deep contentment.

What is your favorite thing you have ever made?
I am not sure if I can pick a favourite thing, there is a huge red velvet renaissance dress, for medieval re-enactment that is always wonderful to swoosh around in. And I love my growing library of handmade books. And the quilts that I have made.
Handcrafts are much less popular in Ireland than in other countries, so it is difficult to find the fabrics that I want to use. However that has been a blessing in disguise, it forced me to learn about dyeing, and fabric printing. I guess my favourite things to make are things that bring pleasure to others, which is why I love craft swapping.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
My inspiration is mostly from the internet, from other crafters, from Pinterest boards full of one theme, that allows some new interpretation of that theme to grow. I am always challenged and stretched by craft swapping, especially when my partner likes themes that I am not so familiar with.

Do you have a crafty crush?

I have so so many crafty crushes, there are awesomely talented people here, but the biggest crushes I have are on kind generous people, the kinds of crafty folk that are always ready to help out and to reach out. Honestly I could list dozens and dozens of folk here, When I was treated for cancer in 2018 a bunch of fabulous folk led by @MistressJennie @Magpie sent me care packages, notes and so much love. I opened all of that mail in tears of happiness.
And of course right how I have the biggest crush on @sweets4ever and @mr.sweets4ever for taking in all us orphans and giving us a new home

What is your favorite thing about Lettuce Craft?

All the family are back together again, folk that realised what we were about to lose, have come back and it is so wonderful to see those people here again.

Here are some of her wonderful projects

Harry Potter Lap Quilt

Stumpwork Mushroom

Green Quilt

Mosaic Blocks

Fabric Printing With Hand Carved Stamps


It has been wonderful to follow you and your projects through out the years…seeing your daughter grow into a lovely young woman and watching you through milestones in your life from good: your marriage to bad: you fight against cancer.

There is much to admire about you, not just your talent in sewing and print making!

Good choice for a featured member!

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Loved reading this. Great feature!

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Well-deserved feature and great interview!

Wonderful feature! Love you @Edel! :heart_eyes:

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Congrats, Edel!

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It is great to get to know you better Edel. I admire your work.

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Congrats Edel! Lovely interview.

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I’ll keep it short: Edel, I love your work and you are a wonderful person!
Congrats on the well deserved feature!

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I love so much of your stuff, Edel, including wonderful pieces you have made for me in swaps!!

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Can it be a crafty crush if I’m in crafty crush with @Edel too? Or does this just mean we’re crafty true loves? Love you so much my dear one! :heart_eyes: :hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hearts: :kissing_heart:


Edel is a wonderful choice for the first Featured Member of this board! I have been lucky enough to have seen her dedicated craft space in person and let me tell you, it would be a marvelous place to spend hours and hours poking around her creations and stash! Her home is full of the love and creativity you pick up on in this interview both with the people who inhabit it as well as the material items.


Oooh, what the sweetest interview!! Thank you so much for doing this, @lindyv321 and @Edel!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

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And WAIT. We know what this means… be right back… :cat2:

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:slight_smile: This was very well done! I enjoyed reading it.

(Not just because I’m included)


Fantastic interview - @edel continues to be an amazing inspiration. I always love to see your latest print experiments!

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So nice to read your answers to the questions Edel, it’s almost like having a chat in person :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Congratulations, Edel! You are a crafty superstar!!

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Awww you guys.

I’m currently in hibernation (avoiding covid-19) and you guys have warmed my solitary heart xx

And chaircat approved. :grin: