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I received 3 amazing felted hoops from my partner! The big one is Snape’s patronus, then there is a mandrake, and a teacup with the Grim in it.
Thanks so much, I love everything!


Wow! How amazing are these :star_struck: I can’t pick a favourite! Nice work @PerfectlyBohemian :star: :star: :star:

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Gorgeous!! Love that patronus! The glow and the scenery are stunning!

I ALSO received :slight_smile: Sorry I got busy and crashed yesterday so I didn’t get a chance to post pictures.

@momiemae made me a Hufflepuff crest display with flying keys in the background, a wee crocheted Bowtruckle, and an organizing tray with some magical beasts depicted inside (Thestral, madrake, and Niffler). She also sent a really gorgeous card with Hufflepuff colors behind the Deathly Hallows. (Hehe, “Hallow to you to”.


I’m so thrilled, today I received my fabulous ‘Welcome to Ravenclaw’ pack from the very talented @Abbeeroad!

First up, the package was wrapped in some spectacular dementor/patronus fabric… created by @Edel - how brilliant!

Next up the most AMAZING quilted AND embroidered pouch! Pouches are just one of my most favourite things, and check out how well this has been made! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Next a super sweet ravenclaw ornament which will gain a spot on my HP Christmas tree, and then be displayed all year round :grinning:

And lastly a wicked TM patch of a snitch… the first one for my collection :raised_hands:t2:

And here is the amazing package all together including some delicious pumpkin spice chocolate :grinning:

Thank you so much @Abbeeroad, I’ve loved being your swap partner xx


Yay!!! I’m so glad it made it quickly and safely to you!! What a fun swap!!

That’s a gorgeous package @Abbeeroad I love how you’ve matched that blue with the orange. That pouch is brilliant


Everything is super cute!! Really love the stamping and all the stitching :slight_smile:


The stamping was all Edel, but stitching is definitely mine. :smile:

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AH! I received from @PrincessP!!! She totally spoiled me, man. Just wait and see…

First, she sent me a SPEW apron!!! And a hilariously awesome “Espresso Patronum” hot pad/mug rug! I love coffee Harry’s expression, lol.

The fabric on the back of the mug rug is also super cool!

And she sent me a Gryffindor bunting!!! AH! I may or may not have gushed over a similar one she sent to kittykill…it’s already hanging in my craft room. :laughing:

She sent t-shirts for both my girls (this is SO appropriate for them!!! HAHAHA). The shirts are the same - I have the front of one and the back of another displayed here:

And she sent me a bunch of goodies from Australia!! (The LC patch was an extra we added to the swap, lol):

Amazing, right?! Thank you so much for everything @PrincessP!! I had so much fun chatting and crafting for you in this swap. Until next time! :wink:


So glad you love it all! xxx

I had the best fun crafting for you and getting to know you better :grinning: … there’ll definitely be a next time :wink:

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I forgot to mention that there are only 2 chocolates in the pic because the girls had already started eating them, LOL. They had almost as much fun opening the package as I did! The other two chocolates are now also gone.

And my son was asking me about vegemite not that long ago. I told him he can try it now! He is skeptical, lol. I think I’m going to give one to each of his friends to try, too. :smile:

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I thought the pack of little ones would be a good idea. Just so you know, if you were making toast, one of those little packages would be enough for 2 pieces of bread … anything more is pretty hardcore :stuck_out_tongue:

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I received my package from @Teachergirl and i love it

Here you see my new snack bag that will have all sorts of magical goodies on car trips (which i make often)

And here you see a bookmark, a keychain (already in use) two reversable masks and house tags which ive yet to find a use for, but I’ll figure it out :smiley:

The package was slow to arrive but as long as it did arrive I’m happy

Thank you teachergirl :smiley:

I love the fabric on the snack bag :grinning: