Has anybody used a Polkadot Chair purse pattern?

This is a very cute bag, The March Bag by Polkadot Chair.

I can figure out how to make this shape myself without too much trouble but following a pattern that’s already had all the trouble shooting done is sometimes more enjoyable. It’s definitely quicker, that’s for sure!
Has anybody tried the patterns from there? I love a referral, or a warning if they don’t take care to test and edit before listing their stuff.
Thanks, friends!


I’ve never used their patterns but I sure do like the look of this bag!

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I think I’m going to get this pattern, it’s not expensive. I don’t have any Shape Flex Interfacing but I’ll use what I’ve got.

I bought the pattern, it was a bit tricky since it can’t be sold here in Canada and I had to purchase it through Etsy where I do not have an account, but the email instructions were to sign in to my Etsy account to get the pattern, lol. I contacted the designer and she was kind enough to email me the PDF pattern and instructions. Etsy is dumb, mkay?

I’m a visual learner so I searched for a video to watch instead of trying to read pages between sewing steps. It’s way too much instruction for me but I think it would be a great bag for a beginner because she goes over every single little bit of construction and all the options super thoroughly. If you haven’t ever made a bag and want to give it a try, I recommend this for that reason alone.
I’m doing a lot of things differently than she instructed, however. I am interfacing wherever and with whatever I have in stash and trimming all that bulk from the seam allowances before sewing. I’m adding more pockets inside including one with a zipper because I think purses need lots of pockets. The outside and the inside are being constructed completely then sewed together at the top edge rather than fussing with hand stitching the band like she does. And I’m not sure what sort of straps I’ll finish with.


I finally got to deliver the bag!

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