Has anyone tried fluid painting?

I’m interested in trying it out because I see so many wonderful projects on Insta that look fabulous (and somehow effortless). There’s a beginner set on Amazon that I have on a list, but I wanted to ask anyway.


Like pour painting? I know @Edel and @curiousfae have, I can’t think of anybody else off hand but it is popular so there’s a good chance somebody else’s given it a go!


I did some from a kit put together by my local arts center… Acrylic pour kit

Basically you just need a couple acrylics & flow medium to get started (assuming you have a bunch of containers & stirring things already), and I’d definitely recommend having a bunch of proto-masterboards lying around to let your main works drip onto.

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I’ve tried it very basically and want to do more. I’ve been watching several people on YouTube and have a few methods I’d like to try. My only issue is the amount of paint that is wasted.

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I’ve seen people capture it to cut & use in cabochon for jewelry.


I tried it about three years ago! It’s fun,would like to do it again sometime.

I’d say definitely get a starter kit, it can be expensive and time consuming to buy all the supplies and mix all the paints. Also get substrate that will absolutely NOT warp when wet.

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Someone received a starter kit for her birthdaaaaaay!!