Has anyone used Scheepjes Whirl yarn?

I’ve seen a lovely crochet shawl pattern and found so many lovely colourways of this yarn, but have never seen it before.

Just wanted to know if anyone has used it, what it’s like and can show any projects

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Yep, I’ve used it. It worked up very nicely. I made the Klaziena Shawl pattern with it. I will say that the yarn is thin, so you need a small hook, so it can take a long time for a project. But my shawl drapes beautifully. The cotton makes it soft against the skin. It’s lightweight, but warm and comfortable.


That sounds positive. I also quite like working with thin yarn.

Although really shouldn’t buy new, but it’s so pretty…

I love the Scheepjes colorways - that Citrus Squeeze? And Blueberry Bambam? Yah!! The colors almost seamlessly morph to the next. The finished product has excellent drape. And you can’t beat the yardage. I highly recommend.

The closest commercial version is HL’s Rainbow Wrapsody line.

When planning my shawl, I saw that several people who made it from the same yarn, had also used the whole skein, plus a Whirlette, which is the same exact yarn, with less yardage, in a single color. So I bought a Whirlette in a matching color, assuming I’d need to end with that. But my shawl was plenty big with just the single Whirl. When you’re looking at the yarn up close, it isn’t actually an ombre dye job. It’s made up of a few threads spun together, and one by one, they change out for the next color. So 6 dark teal, then 5 dark teal + 1 medium teal, then 2 medium teal, etc. Till you’re in the next solid color, and it happens again. The overall effect is a gradient ombre, but up close it appears a little different.