Haunted Valentine House Miniature Shadowbox

I have had this shadowbox for since Halloween last year. I finally decided to do something with it and create a haunted Valentine house for my sweetie. I made tiny valentine cards, added some miniatures, painted it and used scrapbook paper for wallpaper. I also made little books with removable letters. I am really happy with the way it turned out. Ready for lots of pictures? Here ya go!

The entire house.

Individual rooms



Ooooh! I love how it turned out! I’m partial to the cat.

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This is lovely. It’s the kind of gift I’d love to receive but if I made for my partner he’d probably stick it in the back of the closet and hope I’d forgotten all about it. (He hates anything even remotely "horror’ :woman_shrugging: love is truly blind lol)

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There is SO much amazing, and amazingly tiny, detail in each little nook, I love this! I know OMP is going to love it too!

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Um holy crap that’s so awesome!!

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Ack! The pennants, the tiny books, THE MONSTER VALENTINES!! So much awesome!

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How fabulous! I love all the little details!

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So much to admire, all those details! Awesome Valentine minibox :slight_smile:

This is AMAZEBALLZ! I can’t stop scrolling back and forth to see all the details, then I’ll get to the top and see the Bride and freak out all over again!

This is PHENOMENAL! I want one. (Wanders off to attempt to make a space for a scary Valentine)

Thanks all! I’m pretty pleased with myself and I hope the hubs likes it. He better or I’m taking back. :rofl:


The house is really pretty cool with all the small things and arts and cutouts! I think my favourite things are the books

Ack! Everything is super scary! Then I noticed the little bitty wine bottle and wine glass sitting there all romantic like amidst all the horrors. That is so cute and so YOU!

This is super duper cute!! I love it!