Have you seen those lovely cat paws?

This time it’s another version of the shuttle braiding storage box. Sometimes, I unconsciously create a series of works that are interconnected. The row of hidden little cat paws is a deliberate design detail


This is so beautiful. I love boxes and the cat and sewing motifs are so yummy. You just have to pick it up. A nice variation on a yarn ball holder.

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So cute! Love those tiny paws. And another tiny sewing machine, too! That join detail is something extra special.

This is both pretty and cute! Practical, too. What do you call that join style?

This is an ancient way of join style called “pearls and shells,” which might not be translated accurately. However, I have another piece with a more detailed explanation, which I will show you later.


It looks just like “pearls and shells”!

Lovely! The wood contrast & the burnt-in details combine really nicely.

Gorgeous! Oh i need to get back to more woodworking, you really inspire me!

Absolutely beautiful. The cat is purr-fection, and the addition of the little paws was amazing.

:thread: :black_cat: :scissors: Congratulations! Your Cat Paws Shuttle Braiding Storage Boxes are a Featured Project this week! :scissors: :black_cat: :thread:

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Those little paw prints inside are the absolute cutest and your woodwork is gorgeous.

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Wow, it was my pleasure, thank you very much

Wow! Beautiful craftsmanship.

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Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. You have an excellent attention to detail.

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Your work is really beautiful! The little cat paws are adorable :smile_cat:

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What beautiful boxes with practical uses, too. I love the little hidden cat paws, but I think my favourite detail is the little sewing machine :heart: I would love to learn more about your process, where you learned to make these, what kind of wood you used, how you cut each piece, etc.

I’ve been interested in making things out of wood for a while now, but I’m intimidated because I don’t know where to start :heart:

Thank you for your interest, and I apologize for the late reply. I haven’t formally studied woodworking; my husband and I are self-taught. We collaborate on each piece, completing them together. We use a variety of tools, including heavy-duty woodworking tools such as hand planes, thickness planer, band saws, and table saws, as well as CNC machines for precision work. Common woods we use include maple, black walnut, cherry, and basswood. Of course, this didn’t happen overnight; it all started with the simplest manual tools. If you’re interested in woodworking, I recommend formal training as safety standards for power tool use are essential. Unfortunately, China lacks such schools. :joy:


Thank you for the information! Your pieces are beautiful :heart:

Absolutely gorgeous! The light and dark wood are such beautiful complements of each other.