Heart of the Forest - Studies in 5 Mediums 💚

(photo by artsycandice)

I recently had the great fortune to be paired up with artsycandice in the Use What You Have Swap. As I looked through her Pinterest, I decided exactly what I’d like to make: a mini mosaic, with Apoxie Sculpt. I thought Candice would enjoy the aesthetic of them, and I could use not only 'what I have’, but also 'the Good Stuff’ in my stash. Some of those bits and bobs that I had been holding onto for the perfect project. I dug through my stash, and pulled out lots of things inspired by the ideas of The Forest, Birds, and Hearts. I loved what I found! But then I went to open my Apoxie Sculpt, I found it had gone bad! And no one in town sells it. And I was supposed to be using what I have in the swap! BUT, I love the items I’ve assembled…

So I dug through my stash some more. I found just enough Quick Cure Clay to use as the ‘grout’. It’s a greyish white, and boring, but I decided to give it a try anyways. I softened the clay, and added a layer to the top of a wood base, then pressed in my bits and bobs, a mix of beads, Swarovski crystals, charms, and focal pieces. QCC stays soft, until you treat it with heat for 60+ seconds with a heat gun, and once you cure even a tiny corner of it, a chemical chain reaction occurs to cure all of it. Sadly, it really doesn’t work the same as Apoxie Sculpt. While it did cure just fine, some of the pieces fell out the next day, so I glued them back in with E6000. Especially the tiny beads.

All my chosen bits were in shades of greens, browns, and a mix of metallics. I used some alcohol inks to color the QCC teal, blue and brown. I painted the sides black, and the back a metallic russet color. I glued on a picture hanger on the top of the back, and added a clear rubber bumper, to help it sit flat against the wall. I added on some pieces of chain and charms, hanging off the edges; including a seashell carved bird, bit of druzy, pinecone, and a feather. The brass tree branch had small holes in it to use in jewelry, but instead I put tiny pieces of recycled sari silk in as leaves. Despite a few trip ups, I loved how this came out.

After finishing the mosaic, I was still really feeling the Heart of the Forest theme, so I decided to keep going with it. I wanted to use some favorite fabrics, and bits of lace and trim. I started with a dark mottled green as the background, and distressed it with some Tim Holtz inks.

I had this cool wooden locked anatomical heart embroidery design in my collection. I embroidered it as small as possible, on a scrap of off-white quilting fabric, before distressing it with more inks, then sewing it on with a decorative stitch. After it was stitched on, I fringed the edges, and cut them a bit ragged. I added some Celtic knotwork satin ribbon along one edge, a strip of measuring tape trim, and a skinny stri[ of deep rust lace, leftover from a costume made a million years ago.

The black bird came from a Halloween collage fabric. The green branches are some scrapbooking trim, brightened up with some Czech glass leaves. I used some scraps of a brown & black fabric from some moth fabric, under the branches to add depth, and a scrap of printed fern fabric. On top of that I added some carnelian heart beads. Carnelian is associated with warmth, courage, strength, creativity, and emotional balance.

I found another scrap of dyed lace, which included a row of huge flowers, edged with tiny ones. One had been bent when it was folded, and I liked how this gave it more depth and texture, so I sewed it on exactly the same way, then arranged the tiny flowers on top and beside it, and added a few Czech glass beads.

I added two golden moths, cut from the same fabric that the black & brown stripe came from. They had some magenta bits that didn’t fit with my earth toned palette, so I added more carnelian hearts and Czech glass beads.

Since the swap was intended to be sent in a Small Flat Rate Box, and I had a bit of room left, I created a few more pieces to coordinate with the mosaic and art quilt. First was a beaded sun catcher, made from a collection of Czech glass and crystal beads. I was trying to create the feeling of dappled sunlight filtering through the canopy of leaves.

Because Candice requested no jewelry, but I was in the mood to make something else with all the beads, charms, and silk that I had out, I created a clip on tassel, out of recycled sari silk, leather, glass crow beads, crystal, and a collection of charms including a tree, heart, feather, and key. That way she can clip it to a purse, or anything that needs a little extra something.

And finally I remembered that I had one of my lino block prints that I made last fall left, in just the right color scheme! The white bunny is printed on brown cardstock.

(photo stolen from artsycandice)

I loved how Candice’s Pinterest inspired me to step outside my comfort zone, and outside of my own usual style. I really appreciate how it makes me grow as a maker.


You have conquered the precise world of quilting, so it is nice to see you do a much freer style so well!

I love the mix of things and how you pleasantly arranged them! Putting meaning into each piece is so special!


Each piece is gorgeous on it’s own, but as a whole they make for such a lovely, coordinated package. I love the details you packed into each. That art quilt is my favorite! There’s just so much yummy texture and visual interest.

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Thank you guys!

Everything is so gorgeous. You crafted an amazing package. I love all the details and everything is so cohesive and stunning.


Such a beautiful package!!

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I love having the chance to use the good stuff from my stash! Your package was gorgeous.

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I really, really love the assemblage piece. The effect of turning the house shape upside down is awesome! I kind of wish mine were upside down now. :upside_down_face: All the little pieces go so wonderful together, but I especially love the dangly bits off the sides! Such a creative use of supplies!!

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My favorite is the fabric piece with the moths! It’s so pretty! :purple_heart:

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What a gorgeous package! :heart_eyes:

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:fire: :dog: Hot diggity dog! Your delightful craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects :fire: :dog:


Thank you!

Even though the whole package is absolutely stunning, I cannot express how much I love that mosaic piece. I love how you stretched your imagination to use items you already had on hand for such a creative and wonderful statement piece. The little dangly bits are phenomenal.

And the mini art quilt is also so gorgeous. The colors just sing together and your composition is stellar.

If I could give this post 500 hearts, I definitely would. :slight_smile: