Help me find/recreate this stitch^^

Hi lovely community!

I want to recreate a lovely vintage dress a friend of mine owns but I’m not quite savvy enough to make out all of it. I have looked to see if I could find it elsewhere but haven’t had any succes yet. Maybe some of you in this wonderful place might be able to help one way or the other?

Crossing fingers you can :crossed_fingers:

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I can tell it’s crochet, probably double crochet and chain stitch, but that’s as far as I get.

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That’s how far I got as well :sweat_smile: I can count most of them, but I can’t figure out what is going on in the criss-cross part or how there is a difference in how the two repeating double crochet rows interlock as it’s crocheted in the round.


I’m under a climbing preschooler at the moment but i think i can figure out some of that later. In the meantime, calling in @MistressJennie and @storerboughtcreation


This is what I see …
Row 1 - chain 5
Row 2 - chain 5
Row 3 - chain 2, sc around row 1 and 2, chain 2
Row 4 - (dc, chain 3, dc) in sc of Row 3
Row 5 - chain 5
Row 6 - chain 2, sc around previous 2 rows, chain 2
Row 7 - (dc, chain 3, dc) in sc of previous row
Repeat Row 5-7 throughout


Here’s what I got when I tried to figure it out:

(I wasn’t sure how many chains to use between, so I just picked a number)

US terms:
ch: chain
SC: single crochet
DC: double crochet
TC: triple crochet

Chain ? for starting chain.
Row 1: DC into chain; lace section: ch 6
Row 2: DC into DCs; lace section: ch 2, SC around starting chain & row 1 chain, ch 2
Row 3: DC into DCs; lace section: (TC, ch 4, TC) into previous SC

Row 4: DC into DCs; lace section: ch 6
Row 5: DC into DCs; lace section: ch 2, SC around chains in previous 2 rows, ch 2
Row 6: DC into DCs; lace section: (TC, ch 4, TC) into previous SC

Repeat rows 4-6.


I found this chart. It looks very similar to what’s going on here. It might help you figure it out!


I thought so too but @jellybean and @Cindy are closer

I think the scallop on the bottom (in between the chain stitches) is more of a progression, like (US terms):

I agree it has that look but certain it’s just double crochets, based on the rest of the pattern.

You guys are mazing :heavy_heart_exclamation: I knew I could find the help I needed here. Thank you so much!

I will get right to it ^^


We would love to see your project when it’s complete!!! :hugs:


Here’s the process so far. There’s a long way for the full dress to be finished so I thought I’d start with a smaller bit that could also just work on it’s own. In real life its richer and more blue in tone and a good friend fell in love with it (the color makes her eyes pop^^) so I have found a vintage button to add to it and it will be her Christmas gift.

For my self I am considering a pastel green color.


Oooh, beautiful! Thanks for showing us how it looks.

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Lovely beings! I need your help again. After a couple months looking for the right dusty teal color only to have to wait a couple more before it was stocked again I have been crocheting like a mad-woman (more than usually mad!) I am so close to the finishline. I’ve spent ages on the skirt it self. Geebers it would just never end. Now it looks like I’m short just a tiny bit of yarn. Argh! Luckily the wonderful seller had reserved a skein just in case. It’s not all done, not sewn together, and I still need the sleeves and the belt.

This is what I need your help with. I’ve tried so many different variations but I just can’t figure out how to get those ridges. I have a sense this is simpler than before but it eludes me :sweat_smile: :crossed_fingers:t5:

I will of course return with pictures of the dress when have more than jumbled pieces to show :heart:


Crochet in the back loop!! That will get you the ridge! If I have time today, I’ll see if I can do a quick video.


this lady is crocheting in the back loop - you can see her ridges in the video


That part I did manage to figure out, but when I combine that with the zigzag tutorials I’ve found on YouTube it just doesn’t come out right. I’ve tried systematically fine tuning it but my lacking experience is making it hard to tell where … the chain pops off (Danish idiom that seemed fitting here :laughing: ) :slightly_smiling_face:

@storerboughtcreation may be able to assist?

Hmmm - the example looks tight-ish in terms of gauge. Are you crocheting in the back loop on both the “wrong” and “right” sides of the piece?

That is usually how I get the ridges… But if not, then @storerboughtcreation you have any ideas?