Hillview Road Cowl

After completing my fingerless gloves, I still had a lot of yarn leftover. I knew I wanted to make some coordinated warm weather wear and this pattern has been in my to-try list for a while. It was pretty fun to knit up, just interesting enough to keep from being boring.

Close up of the texture…I love the pattern this created and the twisted rib at the ends.

Of course, Mr. Road stole it as soon as it was done, so no coordinated set for me. :laughing: Oh well, mix-and-match is better!

Thanks for looking!


Love the texture…a chunky cowl is also very warm! Maybe he will let you “borrow” it…lol.

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Beautifully done my friend.

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Love the colors, too!

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Thanks guys! I secretly love that he claimed it, lol. It’s awesome to get done with something and have someone like it so much they want to keep it!


That texture and yarn make such a great combination. I love the little crossover stitches in the pattern that make the texture just pop. Lovely cowl!

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Love it! It’s obvious why it got snagged so quickly!

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The highest compliment paid is someone wanting your work so much they “steal” it from you lol. Great job! It looks like it’ll go with everything and look stylish too :wink:


The color is fantastic! Wonderfully done and looks so cozy!

:blossom: Your wonderful craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Congratulations! :cherry_blossom:

Thank yoooou! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Looks great and I LOVE that it got scooped up by the man right away. Best compliment EVER!

so nice! and I love the fact that he likes it so much! you have a good man there :smiley: