Knitted Fingerless Gloves - Inspired-along Challenge 2022 Entry

My first set of hand-ware! :laughing: I used the Sheep and Stitch Fingerless Gloves Pattern/Tutorial to whip up these beauties.

I was inspired by the Harry Potter Craftalong with this project, with the Divination prompt this term being to “craft for or relating to hands.”

I did have a few fumbles along the way, but you can’t tell, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Some progress pics for fun. The cuff!:

Just before popping off the stitches for the thumb:

Yarn is Malabrigo Arroyo in Pleiades.


These turned out great!

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They look great and i love the yarn choice. Congrats!

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They look warm and cozy!

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They’re so pretty!

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Thanks guys! They were fun. I might have to make another pair for my son to keep him from stealing this set! :sweat_smile:


Those look great! Totally can’t tell their your first pair. I feel like everyone in your family will be demanding a pair soon :wink:

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They look very cozy and very professional!

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These are awesome! Way to go teaching yourself to knit my friend. I’m so impressed at how fast you’re progressing in your journey.

Great tension!

Congrats! These knitted fingerless gloves are one of this week’s featured projects! They’re amazing and you rock!


Ah! Thank you! :heart:

They look really good! Great job!
And then i scroll down , and got the impression that you just learned to knit. I mean, then they are a big Wow! I love the way they fit your hand, and the choice of yarn …
Let me tell you about my first set fingerless gloves… i found the most beautiful mohairlike yarn, almost skintoned colour. They looked nice the first time i wore (?) them, and never got them to look clean again… so, you did a smart choice of yarn!

Haha…thank you!

Your comment got me curious how long I have been knitting for. I posted my first knitting project here in Feb 2021, so it’s been over a year!

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So great to see your knitting skills expanding! These are lovely and useful…love the yarn you chose! wow–one year? You are a pro already!

One year? And already on that level? Wow! It takes skills to make a nice thumb! It will be exiting to follow your knitting further ! You go, girl!