Hobbit Hole Embroidery

For my partner in the Common Ground Swap I made my first big embroidery project, I actually enjoyed it a lot more then I thought I would. I picked a Gandalf quote: “I’m looking for someone to share in an adventure” because we are both readers and I felt that quote was fitting. The hobbit hole was an easy choice.

I used some reference images to sketch it out, looked up different possible stitches and then just picked what I thought would look best. The flowers were an addition after it was all finished and I felt it needed some colour, I had a lot of fun looking up different ways to stitch flowers and trying them out. The dragon is a button I once received in a swap on craftster :slight_smile:

The back is finished with some fake leather I still had in my stash, I feel like it suits the feel of middle earth :slight_smile:


Very nice :+1:

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Wait wait wait. Your first big embroidery? Get out.

I love the layout. Your stitching on the door is fantastic.

The leather is genius!

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Love the addition of the flowers…I also like how you finished the back!

This was a really cute project…I enjoyed seeing it in the swap and I know your partner was delighted!

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The lettering and the flowers are both beautifully stitched. Hard to believe you haven’t done anything on this scale before, and it promises much more to come.

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Great job!

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You did a fantastic job!

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looks great! such neat stitching.

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It’s gorgeous and hold pride of place on my wall. Thanks!!!

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Nice job! I’m having a hard time believing that this was your first big embroidery project…

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The whole thing is amazing, but I love the lettering the best. The curves in it and the segments from the embroidery almost make it look like it’s flowing. Super cool!

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Gorgeous! I particularly love how you captured the lettering from the books, and the gold dots above some of the capital letters. Makes me want to get back to some of my started-to-design-but-never-actually-did-it Tolkien things.


The lettering is great. The tiny stitches of the door look amazing too. I hope you have many more large projects in your future.


Gorgeous job! Very even stitching, and the text looks wonderful. This is super cute and nerdy, and I love it! :smiley:

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Congrats! Your Hobbit Hole Embroidery is one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome!



this is a wonderful piece!!

I concur, the leather backing very much suits it.

Dear members
Nathan (Roots) inspired me to join this group as he knew i loved to craft and since i had more time now…
His last piece of art: this embroidery challenge is one i will cherish in my heart and I hope the receiver will enjoy it.
It is his last piece as Nathan his earthly existence early this morning.
I know he loved all the swaps he did (even in the old group) And I do have picture of all of them.
Cherish his work.
Marijke, Nathan’s mum
PS i couldn’t send i message in other way.


I was the person who was lucky to receive this piece and I treasure it!

My heart is breaking. I’m so sorry. Nathan will be missed. I have private messaged you.