Holiday flamingos

These guys showed up at my house in mid-December, with unbirdlike veiny necks (feathers, you guys, birds are covered in them…) so they clearly needed something.

Here they are in their festive holiday scarves, terrorizing the native plant garden I put in across the street. (these neighbors are out of the country for 3+ years, so several neighbors are looking after the yard.)


Love it! Did they come black, or did you paint them too?

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These are too cool! Much better than bright pink ones hehe

so much fun!

Already black, complete with the teeth! :vampire:

Those are too fabulous. @Edel have you seen these banshee birds? Amazing!

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Bahahahaaaa! What a hoot! Or whatever sound flamingos make.

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Eeeee! They’re so strange, but I looove the scarves!

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I love them!!!

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Halloween flamingos ready for Christmas :smiley: and now I have two of the “nightmare before Christmas” songs in my mind.

I love the small change you did that made them ready for Christmas :smiley:

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