Holly Jolly Winter Wishes - Die Cut Tag Christmas Cards

I made a couple of handfuls of xmas cards using my Sizzix Big Shot and ALL STASH! Each has different papers and such, but I used only two senitment dies and stamps. HOLLY JOLLY with “Making Spirits Bright” and WINTER WISHES with “Love + Peace + Joy”.




Here are the rest. All are built on card blanks I had in stash, as well.

I used a few other dies to embellish and a snowflake embossing folder some. Inked and/or sewing edges, etc.




The last picture shows how the sentiment on the tag is cut out of it. There is another tag cut from a solid color glued, then sewn to the back. I kept the glue to the center and around the details of the letters so I wouldn’t have to sew through it.

I accidentally stamped the interior sentiment of two vertical red cards the wrong direction, so I cut out paper inserts and restamped them in the correct orientation. I thought it would be fun to acknowledge that with the recipients, should they choose to look closely enough to notice.

The arrow pointing to the boo-boo says “This is how you know it’s handmade” and the arrow curling back says “Fixing it is how you know it’s handmade with love.” :grin:


Lots of effort went into making those custom done cards!

You know your friends and family well enough to expose to your “bloopers”…ha ha…

They all turned out lovely…I love the sewn tags…

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Thank you! I keep meaning to include sewn details in my paper projects and then totally forgetting!

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What a great idea to make Christmas cards! With all the different papers and details, all the cards look so different. And yay for using stash!

These came out fabulously! And I love the “…with love.” blooper line. haha!

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Thanks, friends!

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These are lovely! The blooper acknowledgement is perfect, and I love the added tactility (tactile-ness?) the various ribbons tied onto the tags gives.

These are all so cheerful! Yay for handmade cards (bloopers and all)!

Really lovely and fun! The backgrounds with the pine needles, holly, etc are very appealing, and I love the fonts and layouts of the messages inside.

Thanks y’all!

These are beautiful and I love your secret messages. :laughing:

I also love your stamps. I might have to track them down. :thinking:

Thank you!!! The stamps are from Stampers Anonymous, the Tim Holtz line from last year, I think.

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:sparkles: :scissors: :christmas_tree: Congratulations! Your beautiful Winter Wishes Cards are a Featured Project this week! :christmas_tree: :scissors: :sparkles:

Awwww, thanks!


They are all wonderful!

Thank you!

So pretty! I love the winter wishes ones!

These are really cool! I love the gift tag idea for the theme.

Thanks, pals!

So bright and stylish! and I love the bloopers :smile:

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