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That’s probably a great way to go, when you’re remodeling the whole place! Everything tucked safely away for the duration, then you get to put it right where it belongs when you’re done.


It’s quite ideal, except at first it was very, very full. Now we’ve taken out the bed there’s more space to move around. Still not going to be able to reach some things for a while though.

The most important things (photo albums, sewing machines) were stored with family just in case.


We’ve been back in our house for about two weeks! And we got the deposit from the rental back today, in full, which is a relief. I spent half a day cleaning because I really didn’t want to risk losing that money.

There are still a million big and small jobs to do, but as of today we have a working fridge again and we also have working electricity everywhere. 10 days from now we’ll have floors everywhere and in 3 weeks we’ll have a working kitchen again.

Last week we got a washing machine and I really missed having that! The laundrette we used for the past couple of months didn’t allow people to use their own detergent and theirs was smelly and not as good as my own. Plus having to go there and make sure you have the right coins was a hassle. It’s such a luxury to have your own machine. A brand new one - the first brand new one I’ve ever had. All the previous machines were old and secondhand. We gave our old machine away before we moved out because I wasn’t sure if it would survive months in storage, plus space was limited there. It went to a neighbour who was happy to have it, and our new one is so much better. It’s super silent, even though it’s not even a special silent model or super expensive or anything. It’s just that washing machine technology apparantly has improved a lot.

We’re still by far not at the stage where I can start to think about unpacking my craft room, but I’ve been thinking about colour schemes, which is a lot of fun. Our house is old so all the angles are odd but think it adds to the charm, even if it’s a bit inconvenient. Obviously, for the rest of the house we’ve picked colours and styles we both like, but for my own room I’m probably going for the colours he doesn’t like :laughing:



How nice to be back in your own home and close to having all the renovations completed!! Older homes do have a lot of charm!

What colors do you think you will pick for your room??


I am so happy for you!! You can start doing more fun stuff now in your own home.

I know it is crazy, but I love my very old washing machine and dryer. My brother found my washer on the side of the road and his friend fixed it for us for $50! He said it was one of the best every made and will last forever! ha ha ha The dryer was a wedding present from my parents…and I have been married 44 years…

But, I also know the old machines are not energy efficient, so they should be replaced…I will when they break… ha ha


If I had such magic machines, I would keep them as well!! You’re never going to find such great quality machines again. My old machine was relatively old, I got it secondhand I think in maybe 2017/18, but it was certainly built in this century, maybe in the late 00s or early 2010s. It was damaged when I gave it away (the plastic cover around the machine was held in place by duct tape) and had already been repaired multiple times.

@Harlan alllll the colours!! The rest of our house will be relatively colourful but still tasteful ( colourful compared to the current fashion where homes are either all white, all grey, all concrete or all beige) but I like all the colours and all the prints, preferably together. Antique furniture painted in bright colours. Lots of crafts everywhere.The rest of our house will be a bit more “stylish” and my room will be a bit more maximalist, lol.


We have a front loading washer/dryer set we got second hand from a friend’s brother who “knows a guy” with a repair business. Or something like that. :laughing:

I have honestly lost track of how many times Mr. Road (my live-in handyman!) has fixed them in the 12 years we have owned them. We have a love/hate relationship with them for sure.

Regardless, it’s so wonderful to be able to do your own laundry with your own soap in your own home @Immaculata!! Enjoy your new appliance.


Almost done! That is such a good feeling. How awesome to replace your washing machine, too! Mine is almost as old as I am (it works, so, no complaints). There’s something a little sad about giving up the old ones, though, like losing a friend (I think I teared up when my old dishwasher finally gave out, felt guilty for liking the new one).

I can’t wait to see which colors you choose for your new space!


I didn’t have such a strong bond with this machine, I’m glad it went to a new house. The one I had before, it came from one of my grandma’s oldest friends when she passed away. She was a really sweet lady, and I always loved the idea that I was using her machine. I was sad when that one broke beyond repair. I’m glad I’m not the only one who makes friends with appliances :smile:


Our aunt put a new front on her old dishwasher when they renovated the kitchen. The service person told her to hang onto it, that it would last a lifetime with proper care. I think it must be well over 30 years old at this point. Not exactly quiet when it runs but certainly less noisy than our complainy children :laughing:


It’s not quite ready for swimming, but we got our pool open, and blue.


How exciting! It looks so inviting.


I’m ready to jump in!


This is a big milestone, the tiler has started on the floor:

I really like the look of these tiles! And when all the concrete is covered the house will be much easier to clean as well. For the past month, we’ve had a sheet vinyl floor in one of the rooms upstairs with the bare minimum amount of furniture. When the floor is done we can get some more furniture out of storage. We’ll still have to paint but we’ll be careful.


It looks great! I love the faux wood tiles.


It looks a lot more realistic than I expected. And with underfloor heating, it will be super comfortable this winter.

I picked up my sewing machine from storage and borrowed a serger, hopefully by next week we’ll have a table and then I’ll start to work on curtains. At least for the bedroom - living in a house without curtains and doors is not ideal in May! Sunrise is 5.30am and sunset is 9.30pm.


We get pretty intense sun here so blackout curtains and well insulated curtains were one of the first things I did. The house also had miniblinds, which I really hate because of the cleaning, but they do allow me to adjust the light.

It will be fun, though, to make curtains in fabrics you like! How exciting! Heated floors will be fantastic! I had them in my bathrooms when I lived in cold PA.


Curtains are so expensive to buy! Anything made from a nice fabric and not some cheap synthethic is hundreds of euro’s. And often they’re still pretty boring colours. Making them myself isn’t the most fun ever but it will be worth it.

This is for my craft room. I found this heavy cotton for €1/meter in the remnant bin at the fabric store. It reminds me of London and of Dublin. If I ever get tired of this busy print, I’ll just sew new ones.


What fun fabric!

Yes, it is always nice to be able to sew and when you are tired of it, you can make something else or use it somewhere else!

I used this fabric to make curtains for my husband’s music studio…so far, he is not tired of it!


This is true in US dollars, too! Oof. I’ve been hunting for new drapes for our living/dining room and oof. I have 6 windows and prefer drapes that go from ceiling to floor. Including a nice wide hem, that’s about 6 yards (meters) per window. I still hope I can find 18 yards of something that really looks like good linen in an appropriate shade of grey for some kind of miraculously low price!