Homemade Mac & Cheese

Once in a while, I like to make homemade mac and cheese. Mostly because I really don’t like Kraft Dinner (boxed Mac 'n Cheese). The cheese powder just doesn’t do it for me.

So I boil some pasta. While the pasta is boiling, I shred some cheese, pour a bit of milk in a sauce pan, make a slurry with water and cornstartch and throw it in with the milk, and once that’s nice and hot, I throw in the cheese.

Then I drain the pasta, throw the cheese sauce I made over top, and voilá: homemade mac 'n cheese. This time I used a chickpea corkscrew pasta for more protein. I bought the pasta at Costco.

Please ignore the slow cooker in the background; it was cooking something else, lol.


Home made mac and cheese is far superior. This looks deliciously cheesy.



I have boxes and boxes of chickpea pasta. I have found that the only way the pasta does not dry out and get harder is to coat it with some sort of sauce/cheese/mayo/dressing.

I haven’t tried mac and cheese yet, but it sure looks good! My husband does not like the texture of the chickpea pasta so more for me!


Yum! This looks great.

As a kid we grew up on the boxed Mac n’ cheese. I cannot eat it these days. Homemade is always better.


Oh so yummy!

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That looks delicious. I think I know what I’m making tomorrow night.


Homemade Mac & cheese is the best! This looks yummy!

My hubby makes it from scratch and throws in some cooked shredded chicken and green chilis. Soooo good. And actually not spicy. :yum:


We make it like that but we add a can of Rotel with chilis…makes a simple dish into a meal!


Yumm, that does sound good!


I had to look up “Rotel,” I don’t think we have that brand here. I can’t add tomatoes to anything because my husband doesn’t like them and my son won’t touch them if they’re cooked… I’m still trying to figure out meals that I can make just one thing and everyone will eat… it’s tough lol

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I love homemade Mac n cheese. I don’t think we have the Kraft stuff here

Sometimes I add chorizo

Sometimes I add toasted walnuts

Always I put it in the oven with extra cheese on top to turn into melty crispiness.

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The Holy Grail! I’ve been searching for years. :sweat_smile: