HOPE prayer flag

I saw some woven, embroidered wall hangings on Pinterest and was inspired to make this. The message seems appropriate for the current circumstances.


This is very pretty! I really like it.

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wow–what a beautiful use of scrap fabrics! Your embroidery is incredible!!!

So very beautiful. We all need so much hope and love right now.

This is really gorgeous! I love the weaving and the stitches and the letters and the colors and pretty much the whole thing! Beautiful. :slight_smile:

It is so beautiful…with such a fitting a sentiment for all that is going on right now. Love the scrappy woven look…and the embroidery that ties everything together.

Oh this is lovely! The colors are inspiring and all the embroidery and woven pieces really make this flag beautiful!!

Beautiful, looks like all that stitching was pretty meditative too. Nice.

Awesome, cool stitchery!!

Oooo! What a great colorway for this sweet flag!

I love this so much MM. All the tiny stitches. the asymmetrical edge. the colors. the randomness. the branch. the tabs. really beautiful.

and of course, the message.


I love the woven background and the pretty springy colors

Everything about this makes me happy! The colors, textures, embroidery, and message! :sparkling_heart:

This is beautiful, I love all of the embroidery.

Congrats! You are one of this week’s featured projects! You are rocking it!


Thank you.

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I love this…so well done, I especially like the asymmetrical fringe!

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Very lovely flag and yes, we all need a little hope these days! :orange_heart:

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I love how you wove your fabric before embroidering it. It gives you such wonderful possibilities for colour and texture

I love love how you stitched together the woven pieces, actually I love ALL the hand stitching you did! It’s very pretty, great job!