Hot/Cold Rice Packs

I’ve made these hot/cold rice packs at least a dozen times. And I still get requests for them! Instructions are all over online and they’re super simple. I keep at least 8 of them (for real) in my freezer at all times, and they get used multiple times a week.

Here are some I’ve made over the years:

And the ones I made this year.

They don’t really need a pattern, but here’s a quick review. I use two pieces of 6"x9" fabric. With a 1/2" seam allowance, sew right sides together leaving an opening in the middle of one short side. Then turn right side out, do a top stitch down the fully sewn side, fill with rice (I use 1 pound per bag), and do a top stitch down the open side. Finished size is about 5"x8".

I usually include an instruction card and tie them with ribbon. Here’s the front and back card text:

I print them two-sided with 8 to a sheet.

Thanks for stopping by!


Some really cute fabrics! Thanks for sharing the text of the little card.

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My husband and I fight over the one you gave me. I’ve never used it as a hot pack. It’s always in the freezer :heart:


So simple and so awesome!

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What a great gift!

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I love these as a gift. I have one that I purchased somewhere and they are excellent to have. Can we talk about the fab tags, too?!

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I love these things! I got one and use it ALL the time. Its one of those things people don’t realize how amazing they are until they have one. Love the fabrics you used for yours.