How do you store all of your papery bits?

As I start to gather more paper bits (backgrounds, ephemera, collage papers, scrap papers, die cuts, etc) I’m struggling with how to store them.
How do you store yours? Do you have a favorite size/type of container or folder? Do you do anything to prep them (cut to certain sizes for example)? Do you sort them somehow? I’d love to see pictures!

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I’m constantly reorganizing and using my stash (or attempting to use up) so my storage evolves. I like using clear plastic shoe boxes and envelopes. I use butterflies often so I have been collecting & sorting all my butterfly images and putting them in one place so I can grab quickly. I am trying to stick to a minimum of shoe boxes - let’s say 10 - so I look thru a box or two while watching Jeopardy and tossing what I won’t use.

Right now I sort by function - painted papers, book pages, card stock scraps, stamped images, etc. I have one box for words and word stickers. When I start a journal
page or a project, I take the boxes I think I’ll use and pick out what I want.

My biggest problem is putting stuff away! Or resorting after a project is finished.

Edit to add - I hate plastic in general but if I use cardboard boxes or baskets, I can’t see what’s inside. So for now, this works for me.


Right now I have:

  • a small plastic box for ATC blanks
  • a plastic pencil box for bulkier supplies (buttons, wooden cutouts, googly eyes, washi tape, etc)
  • a 12x12 scrapbooking box (like this) for scrapbook paper, cardstock, playing cards
  • multiple binder pockets (some like these, some with zippers), each with a different supply (stickers, old cards, paper bits of different sizes/weights, etc)

Everything could be organized better, but it works for now. :slight_smile:

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Small old printed roses box for ATC.
A box that fits the 6x6 paper pads, bigger scraps keep in the pads. Smaller scrap go in a empty glass jam jar so I can see the paper bits.
SB 12 x 12 papers and cardstock never have more than 1 inch so is in deep bookcase upright between books , crafts magazines and A4 papers and cardstock, drawing pads, watercolor pads, vellums, japanese papers etc.
Small papers origami, japanese mini notepapers etc is housed in a metal cookie tin.
I have a old accordion folders housing papers too.
The recent freebie A5 SB plastic envelope from online order has leftovers stickers and few small sticker sheets.
Printables like free adult coloring pages from the Dover Publications sampler newsletter are also in bookcase.
Following a Youtube tutorial made 2 ephemera booklets A5 for storage and used baking paper for the housing strips bits in variety of sizes and older SB papers & cardstock.


All great ideas!

I found some stacking trays that I can throw papers into until I have a chance to sort them…they have actually become my working piles because I never get around to sorting them…it works for me!