Paper & Mixed Media Craftalong 2020

You can use fabric! With or in place of paper!

But if you need paper…I know a chick who has a LOT!


Wow, those are incredible!!


They are fabulous


You sent me so many fabulous pieces…I am going to be using them in the rest of the lessons as well…so thanks bunches!

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I LOVE these!! Thanks for sharing the challenge link, I signed up am feeling inspired to play around.


These are so great! I love the words you chose.

I’ll be looking forward to hearing how you store them. I posted a question last week as I’m gathering more papery bits and looking for storage inspiration that is also functional!


I use junk mail envelopes to store a lot of these types of things and store them all in a clear bin or shoe box (I have tons of $1 shoe boxes I got at the Dollar Store)…I mark them all as “doo-dads”…

I saved the envelopes that my Stickii stamps came in…they are a large size and hold a lot…I just watched a fantastic tutorial on making an envelope journal to store all sorts of things in…I might try that as well…

Made more wonky things! So simple…just floral doodles cut while watching TV and resting my leg!



I watched the first two videos and had a go at the second one. This is a fun technique and I’m already thinking about doing more with other color palettes. I also need to practice my doodling skills if anyone has recommendations.


They are fabulous!!! I am going to do that one as well as soon as I can find the circles…I tried it on the transparent circles…nope…did not go well…

I like the colors you picked…gives a mid century modern look to them!


I had a bunch of stickers left and another piece of card stock already cut to this size so I made this piece. I really like the minimalist vibe and all of the white space.

I discovered while making this one that I was able to remove and reposition the stickers up to 5-10 minutes later (haven’t tried after that). I used address labels from Target. I have some Avery brand labels coming tomorrow so I’m interested to see if I can also reposition those.


Thank you! I could only find rectangle labels at Target today - 2x4”and 1x2 5/8”. I have some other sizes (and circles!) coming from Amazon tomorrow.


These turned out waaay better than what was in the video, in my opinion! The colors and compositions are so great, and the doodled edge is just right.

Using your non-dominant hand is one way to get into the space for doodling. My own take on doodling is that by definition it is free from left brain interference…once you start thinking about, analyzing or critiquing what you’re doing, you’ve switched from doodling to drawing. And drawing is great, of course, unless what you were aiming for was a loose-and-easy doodle.
Yes, speaking from experience on that. Doodling outside of the context of passing time in a classroom still feels inauthentic in the things I make, but these experiments are good for moving past that.

In your case, it would be interesting to see whether doodling woven designs feels good. It might even lead to some new weaving ideas!

And @AIMR you are knocking it out of the park with your dolls and plants! The headpieces and (again) the doodled edges add so much to tie each one together.

I am writing down the ideas and will come back to them after I’ve finished a few projects underway that are covering my workspace.


I am making June my use up the scraps month…my boxes and bins are overflowing…if I am not using something, there must be a reason, so time to purge as well.

I have made six bottles of alcohol inks as well using dried up Sharpies, those little spray bottles, and 90% iso alcohol…very satisfying week so far!


Awesome! A little bookbinding might be in order (there’s a video that touches on that, too).


Wow they are all so fabulous @photojenn I love the colours and @AIMR those flower doodles are magic.


Loving your pieces! :star_struck:


Thank you! :heart:

Those are great tips for doodling, I’ll definitely try them out! I love the idea of doodling woven designs but I’m guessing my brain would take over and go full on perfection mode. I wonder if incorporating 5-10 minutes of doodling with some frequency would help me to get out of my head when doodling.

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are you saying these are made from tp rolls??
if so,WOW!


ha ha Yes…I spritz them with hand sanitizer and while they are damp, you flatten them. I wanted the tags to be longer so they are made from flattened paper towel rolls…the tags are finished on the back but the pockets are not since they will be glued onto pages in a journal.

I will be doing some TP envelopes soon…

OK…decided to make tags but did not want to wait to do an entire board of collage for the background. I used something I made for the art journal craftalong and never finished…everything was made from basically trash…dry wall tape, boxes, ends of papers, etc.

I then glued on my little flowers (now I need to make more…)…they are just painted with coordinating colors on the back with a brayer.


I haven’t tried it, but @curiousfae also told us about the Doodling Class from Alisa Burke during one of our art journal zooms. I mean to do it, but lost momentum after 30-days of Chasing Freedom. I still have in the back of my head to pick up one day…