Hurley 2berius Okeanós - The water keeper

Felt like drawing this:

Saw a sea-horse (Hippocampus) and decided I want to draw one

but felt like it needed a bit more. The head became a bit more dragon like (but to be honest it practically already is)

and it needed wings

Added some definition to the body

Needed some inspiration for the wings and looked for ones in liquid habitat:
Google Image Search for Flying Fish

Bringing out the details

and adding some color

Wasn’t sure how to show the aquatic environment so just tried something

Not the best video but video but it kind of shows what I did

And finally added some water

I used

  • 0.5 Mechanical pencil
  • Fine point eraser
  • Water color pencils
  • Water + brush

Hope you like.

p.s. Hurley 2berius Okeanós = H2O


Wow. I totally love this!


Wow! I love the wings especially.

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It’s gorgeous! Lovely work, I think researching the wings was smart. It all works together nicely. :heart:


Really enjoy all the process photos of your water keeper! Beautiful colors!

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Very pretty. I like the dragon head.

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