50 Projects, More or Less, 2021

thank you for that sweet offer. I am overloaded with commitments so will decline.

It’s making me a bit crackers that I have finished, like, 6 things that I can’t post (yet)! I’ll be shipping my IYP Swap package tomorrow, so hopefully by the end of the week I can open the gates and flood my list! I also have a “set” WIP that is half done and is waiting on something so I can complete it. ARRRRRRRG!


Trillian-I love that doll sweater.
ErChanHime-I particularly adore your hairpin. My daughter is just learning to use resin, I never have. I can’t imagine how you get the movement with the wires while using resin. Very pretty.


Thank you! It’s not actually resin. It’s glue and nail polish!! :grin: :two_hearts: I used this tutorial mostly, and then some experimentation.


Well, I FINALLY get to add pics from a swap package I made, because it’s going to be delivered today! I am going on the assumption that my parnter won’t be checking my post for updates on this thread, of course, so I haven’t made them their own topics, yet. But while I was at it, I realized I hadn’t updated with a few other projects. I’ve hit (I think?) the halfway mark! Well, if 50 is the finish line, which it isn’t really. And you count a couple of placeholders. Ahem.



Figured this would be a good place to come out of lurking and start with blaming my sister (@Tanath) for getting me on here.

Haven’t done much art since becoming a parent a few years ago up until Sep 1st of last year. In order to battle the pandemic induced brain rot, I decided to dedicate at least 15 minutes to art every day.

A good portion of the projects I’ve worked on have been drawing (something I never thought I was good at) but I have been trying to explore other forms of creation as well.

I’ll go by list formats I saw above and try to keep this up to date :slight_smile:.

2021 Completed Projects by Month

  1. Drawing - Rose
  2. Origami - Butterfly
  3. Drawing - Ear
  4. Drawing - Duckling
  5. Origami - UFO (With my son)
  6. Drawing - Baby Yoda (Grogu) and Mandalorian Helmet
  7. Drawing - TY (With my Daughter)
  8. Drawing - Mountains
  9. Drawing - Wolf Head
  10. Mandala (With my Daughter)
  11. Origami - Dragons (With my son)
  12. Drawing - Double sided interchangeable doodle
  13. Drawing - Penguin
  14. Drawing - Croc and Eel
  15. Drawing - Outside the pretty box
  16. Drawing - Good/Bad
  17. Origami - :heart: :smiling_imp:
  18. Tape - Gift Box
  19. Drawing - Jug
  20. Drawing - Yin&Yang Dragons
  21. Drawing - Dragon Heart
  22. Lego - Accessible Mary-go-round (with son)
  23. Drawing - Impossible Heart


  1. Lego - 100 days of school (with son)
  2. Origami - Sectional Spheroid
  3. Weave - Cord Bracelet
  4. Drawing - Polydragon (with daughter)
  5. Lego - Leprechaun (Family effort)
  6. Drawing - Cat eyes


  1. Mandala (with daughter)
  2. Drawing - Feline(ish) Alien?
  3. Drawing - Rose
  4. Needle Felting - Rockhopper Penguin
  5. Drawing - Peacock in Color Pencil
  6. Message in a Walnut


  1. Drawing - Dragon Head
  2. Drawing - Waterfall
  3. Drawing - Bunny :smiley:
  4. Drawing - Clueless Dude:
  5. Drawing - Jackalope
  6. Drawing - Spirograph
  7. Furniture - Re-finished the dining table
  8. Knitting - Learning how to
  9. Drawing - Pixie and Brutus Epic Adventure
  10. Drawing - Smoke


  1. Jewelry - Learning wire working techniques
  2. Drawing - Dragon Unicorn (With Daughter)
  3. Drawing - Water Lilies Monet style (With Son)
  4. Origami - Irises (With Son)
  5. Hurley 2berius Okeanós - The water keeper
  6. Drawing - Dritten
  7. Jewelry - Chainmaille Necklace
  8. Drawing - Irises (with the kids)
  9. Drawing - Iris
  10. Drawing - Line Art - Fox
  11. Drawing - Nyan Cat (with Daughter)
  12. Drawing - Iris
  13. Paper Cutout - Inspired by Alexander Calder’s work (with Son)


  1. Drawing - Hands/Love
  2. Drawing - Loom / River boats - Inspired by this photojenn’s weave
  3. Drawing - Broom with a magic hat carrying buckets (For my mom)
  4. Chainmaille - Crown
  5. Drawing - Fire and Ice / Phoenix and Dragon
  6. Origami - Ocean Life (With Son)
  7. Jewelry - Chainmaille Bracelet
  8. Drawing - Mandala
  9. Drawing - Mandala (With Daughter)


  1. Poetry - Just trying to put it down into words
  2. Drawing - A Hug
  3. Drawing - A Harp (working separately but with Sister @Tanath)
  4. Drawing - Mandala
  5. Drawing - Mandala
  6. Drawing - Drops on a flower
  7. Drawing - Flower
  8. Drawing - Heart of stone
  9. Drawing - Heart of stone
  10. Sand - Heart Castle (with Kids)


  1. Drawing - Washington Landscape in portrait
  2. Origami - Dragon (With Son)
  3. Origami - Heart - Secret
  4. Photography - Rose heart and flag
  5. Drawing - Fairy
  6. Photography - Sunset and Twilight

  7. Sand - Castle (with Kids)
  8. Drawing - Feather on sand
  9. Drawing - Mandala
  10. Photography - Fishing the Sun
  11. Photography - Panoramic Twilight
  12. Drawing - Heart - Pencil Shavings
  13. Drawing - Thaber tooth tiger
  14. Origami - Winged Heart
  15. Rock Painting
  16. Drawing - Recreating school notes
  17. Food - Creative plating (with Son)
  18. Drawing - Gryphon
  19. Drawing - Mouse/Dragon? Mougon? Drouse? Either way, done. His name is Darius.
  20. Clay Pottery (with Kids)
  21. Drawing - Mandala
  22. Drawing - LPS (with Daughter)


  1. Drawing - Fox Face
  2. Drawing - Apple
  3. Drawing - Shofar
  4. Chainmaille - Bracelet
  5. Drawing - Boat
  6. Ring - Clef
  7. Drawing - Lighthouse
  8. Drawing - Guard Tower
  9. Drawing - Seashell


  1. Drawing - Baby Thresher Shark
  2. Drawing - Harpy Eagle
  3. Painting - Flowers (with Daughter)
  4. Drawing - Cat (with Daughter)

  5. Painting - Cat (with Daughter)
  6. Drawing - Nature to paper - Green Python
  7. Shrinky Dinks - Recycled
  8. Coloring in - Island
  9. Drawing - Cheshire Cat
  10. Drawing - Owl
  11. Drink Mixing - Geeky Drinks
  12. Drawing - Owl in Pencil
  13. Drawing - Cat/Bat Witch and Fire-lizard Heating a Cauldron
  14. Drawing - Floofy Wolfy


  1. Décor - Cat on Pumpkin
  2. Photography - Dew on a Leaf
  3. Drawing - Bridge Over Water - Eraser on Pencil
  4. Pumpkin Carving - Redwall and Cat
  5. Drawing - Gyrfalcon
  6. Photography - Views thru prisms
  7. Baking - Challahs (with the kids)
  8. Baking - Birthday Cake
  9. Jewelry - Clef Bracelet
  10. Coloring in - Cat/Fox (with Daughter)


  1. Jewelry - Clasp ring
  2. Sewing - Fixing the machine and learning how to use it
  3. Drawing - Fox
  4. Drawing - Hug
  5. Drawing - Nature photo to paper + imagination
  6. Baking - Nutella Brownies - Recipe
  7. Melting Beads - turtles, cat, flowers and love (with Daughter)
  8. Painting - Impromptu box painting (with Daughter)

  9. Cooking - Peruvian Green Spaghetti (Work Team Building/Holiday Virtual Party)

2021 WIP Projects


I have a few projects in addition to the items I made for the IYP swap to add to my list.

The oldest…this afghan I made for our camper. I started it more than a year ago, and it sat, almost finished, for a few months because weaving in the ends is my least favorite part (old picture…see all those awful strings?!).

A pair of dog collars:

I crocheted a pair of fruit hammocks to hang under my kitchen cabinets. The other is a doily and hangs under this one (forgot to take a picture). I used up the last of my cotton yarn, too.

I 3D-printed, then painted, a pair of needle cases. The one for @Bunny1kenobi got some bling, too:

A simple needle minder made from fabric-covered buttons:

A pearl and crystal bracelet:

A mini book necklace:

And some hand dyed, handspun yarn:


Gorgeous! So lucky to have received most of that stuff in the IYP… what an amazing partner you are!!


Thank you! It was a pleasure to craft for you.

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Welcome, @T.K! Your drawings are wonderful! It must be difficult to find any time for yourself with little ones, but when you get a chance, show off your projects! Also love that you are doing things with the kids…

I all of a sudden want a fruit hammock…actually, it would work to hold all of my little stuffies for me to see while working!

Love the colors in the afghan…

and, I didn’t notice it before, but is that a little cross on the book pendant? It is lovely and meaningful…


Thank you! I didn’t intend it to be a cross, but I suppose it is. That’s how it’s kept closed. There’s a silver loop on the opposite cover that slides through a hole in the leather, then the little wire dagger/cross slides through the loop. The dagger/cross is a twisted and hammered bit of silver wire.


I forgot about posting a picture! I need to get some better pictures too. But last week I finally got my butt in gear and made this sweater that I’ve been wanting. My parents and I rewatched Great British Bake Off and in season 8 Noel wore a sweater with a smiley. And I become obsessed with that sweater. I found it online and saw it was like $1000 and went nope. I used an Ellie and Mac pattern to make the sweater. I had a ton of fun making it and am super happy with how it turned out.


Cute sweater, @poetrylover828! It’s so sunny and cheerful, and I love the color blocking.

Yesterday was my DS1’s birthday, and I made a couple little things for him.

He has been asking for a face mask for sleeping. He keeps his night light on really bright, but it disturbs his sleep. Rather than turn it down, he wanted a mask. :joy: I had some yellow cotton sateen in my stash, and improvised a mask. He slept in it last night, so I think it’s a hit.

He also got a new bike for his birthday. Because of a mishap last year, with him trying to carry something while riding his bike, I figure he needed a good-sized bag for his bike. This is the pattern I used, modified to have velcro loops for his handle bars and an adjustable strap. The outer fabric is outdoor upholstery fabric, to repel the weather and the kids’ shenanigans.


Great mask! And that bike bag is a great idea, and well executed!

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I really love that bike bag, it looks fabulous!

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I love that you made it with two different fabrics. They work so well together. Is the smiley face made out of a bias tape chenille?

Your clothes making skills are quite impressive!


Cute bike bag! A kid can carry lots of things in there! Looks quite sturdy as well…

My sister and her husband swear by their sleep masks! Nice job! Sleep is important!

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Thank you! I used chenille it for the smiley! It needs another wash or two to be super fuzzy but I’m really happy with how it turned out. I actually haven’t made too much with clothing so I was really proud of how this turned out. I did the two fabrics because the shirt I based it off of was also in two different fabrics.


I love your iconic sweater! Great job…and wow…look at how much money you “saved”…

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Thank you! Yeah I think I’m down to try making my own version anytime something is $1000 :laughing: