I have eleanor shellstrop's file. i do not have a cactus

i’m still trying to prepare myself for tomorrow night’s SERIES finale…
the good place has been a solid favorite for the past few years, and much like it’s predecessor parks & recreation, i am so sad to see it go.
it has been a long while since i cross stitched, but i felt the need to add a little bit of michael’s office up on my wall and managed to finish it up this past weekend. the little cactus was the perfect touch by the pattern designer.
and of course, finding the janet funko pop in store was the perfect piece to pull them together :slight_smile:


Holy forking shirtballs - this is fantastic!

I LOVE this show too and it’s so sad it’s ending.

(Side note: I’m super jealous you have a Janet already!! Amazon says it’s not coming out until February!)


Wonderful cactus and lettering!. Good luck with your series’ finale – always sad when a fav show ends.

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I had actually preordered her on amazon, because i always look for good place merch, and when i was standing in the store (boxlunch) i was frantically cancelling my amazon order :rofl:


Ooh, how exciting to find Janet in the wild like that! I don’t have any Boxlunch stores near me, so I guess I’ll just have to wait. But she goes perfectly with the cross-stitch!

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Me, too! The Good Place is among the best television ever and I’ll miss it a shirt-ton – haven’t been in such excited yet sad anticipation of a show’s finale since the series ending of Lost. Ya sure not basic with that swell stitching, wererad, and you’ve inspired me to embroider Jeremy Bearimy. Fingers crossed I’ll get me an oval hoop tomorrow and be able to at least get a start on it before the last hurrah begins :cry: :smile: :cry:.


Love it!! The Good Place is my favorite show as well. Now I kinda want something like this too! :slight_smile:


Son of a bench. Is it really the end tonight? There aren’t wry many shows my kid and I love watching together.

The ‘Welcome’ cross stitch is perfect.

@waterbaby I hope you will post the Jeremy Beremy embroidery.

Now, I need to find some Good Place swag.

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Wonderful clean stitching!

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How cute, and I’ve only watched the first season, but I really loved what I did see and looking forward to seeing more of it once I have time. Really lovely and simple cross stitch :smiley:

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Great job with this! It looks so neat and clean.

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I (finally) did! Here’s a link: Jeremy Bearimy, baby!