I have made sewing!

I’ve been doing all kinds of makework–even cleaned the house-- to avoid sewing, but today I sat down and stitched up three tote bags.

The green ones are sturdy upholstery fabric (and perfectly even in color, the camera makes them look odd).

The wild orange one is a heavy sheer polyester fabric. It feels pretty sturdy, but folds up small. It’s a test to see if this exciting bag can replace the dull old blue bags I’ve carried for years.


They look functional as well as sturdy! That sheer fabric is beautiful…I still have a small bag that folds up that I got in Japan. I have been meaning to make a new one but have not found the right fabric. Looks like you will get a lot of use out of all of them!


I’m on a roll, just made two more.

I measured a tote bag I like, and have been making these about the same size, adjusted for size of the fabric pieces. Sorry I couldn’t center the giraffes!

They stitch up really fast, even though I’m reinforcing every seam.

These fabrics are all from an estate sale, and I think they’re from the '80s.
I sorted through my fabric the other day; these all went into the “I don’t think I’ll ever use these” pile. Silly me!


Great bags!

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The giraffe placement is great, with the ‘open’ frame Mama Giraffe is clearly trying to get a peek at what goes in the bag!

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Nice! I like that green color a lot. Isn’t it funny how when we stop procrastinating a project we often find it doesn’t take that long/isn’t as bad as we expected? I do this a lot! Good for you for knocking these out.

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What a great accomplishment to help you get your mojo going!

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Nice refresh of your current bags, now you’ve got tons to choose from!

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