I made an assemblage piece!

After seeing all the cool assemblage pieces that @geekgirl makes, and then seeing @aimr make her own piece, I had started thinking that maybe I would actually try to make my own. When I received my free Vintaj package in the mail, it had all sorts of cool metal doodads that I knew would be perfect for assemblage. I used a bunch of those, as well as a few other things I found around the house.

I didn’t think to paint the canvas first, but saw later that geekgirl paints hers first. No biggy. I painted two layers of black, and well as a splattering of a metallic black I had, and set it over night. This morning, I put a smattering of turquoise. I think it turned out well!

Before and after picture of supplies and depth:

That was fun…and sticky! I don’t know that I would make a ton of these, but it was fun to try something new!


LOVE the turquoise on top! Great piece

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The turquoise makes this extra cool! I may have to try this sometime. It’s like an eye-spy game!

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what? free doodads? what is Vintaj?

I don’t anymore- not since I started spray painting the whole thing. It’s so much faster!

it looks great. I like all your bits and the color you chose to bring out the details!

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Ages ago, Mistress Jennie posted a link about a free package from Vintaj, and a bunch of us claimed one. I can’t remember which thread that was in.

I I thought I also heard you say spray paint! Honestly, the regular brush painting worked fine for this dmall3 piece, but probably better for large ones!

Oooh! Very cool! All these assemblage pieces are so visually interesting. My sister did something similar one Christmas where she took one of those paper cones (or maybe styro?) and then covered it with doo-dads (some Christmas-ish but others not) and then painted the whole thing in shades of gold. I keep thinking I’m going to do that, but so far have not. Your piece looks great, @Lynx, and what a perfect use for the Vintaj loot!

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Very cool! I love the contrast with the pic before you painted. So many things I didn’t see at first glace. The painting totally transforms everything!

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That sounds like a neat idea!

Ooh, I love it. I feel like I could spend hours looking at it and discovering new shapes, shadows, and mysteries from different angles.

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I got that same Vintaj package, you did something wonderful with yours!

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It looks great!

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That is awesome!

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Your assemblage piece came out great! I got a Vintaj package, too, but I just opened it yesterday. Looking at some of the pieces, I had the exact same thought to use them in a future assemblage piece. Great minds think alike :slight_smile:

I spray painted my canvas and all of the pieces matte black first. I was a little OCD about it. Putting the pieces on unpainted might actually be easier.

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I love the blue! I sort of want one now with blue, pink, green, silver…I just bought a whole set of metallic paints so I could experiment some more…

What a cool idea to use some of those pieces from Vintaj! I am not really into making jewelry so some of the pieces would be really cool to use for this…

Loved seeing your stuff before painting…@geekgirl makes it look easy, but I still struggle with that part…I just don’t “see” well in 3-D, but it is so much fun…we can blame her for any future obsession…ha ha ha

Now to go back and find all the pieces in the before and after…

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Looks so cool!!!