I Spy Swap Fabrics Scrappy Repositional Handle Project Bag-- FCQ12020 Challenge Entry

How’s that for a mouthful title?

I was partnered with @LadybugsAndBees in the Go Bananas swap and Go Bananas I did! And, if I’ve ever sewn anything for you, there’s a good chance you’ll recognize a fabric in this bag!

She’s been wanting a project bag with handles with velcro so she can attach them to her door handle while riding passenger in the car.

She’s asked for this before, but until now I could never envision how to do the handles.

Then, I had an epiphany! I know she likes scrappy, and a year or two ago I started what was going to be a super scrappy quilt with tiny pieces. It ended up becoming an UFO, so I decided the colors were perfect and I abandoned the quilt and transformed it into a bag. This required me to add a few more rows, but hey!

As you can see, the handles are velcroed to the sides so she can have ton of options of attaching through her door handle. And, I sent extra velcro in case she needs to adjust more.

I used my normal tote bag pattern, but I needed more! She crochets, so I was going to add something for her hooks inside, but decided to add a zip pocket to the outside. The front fabric she sent me in a previous swap, and inside hides cute deer!

I made her patchwork orange reds for the inside liner and added a patchwork yarn feed in case she wants to use it! This was leftover from outside scrappiness!

I’ve been wanting to play with my clear vinyl again, so I added a pocket! I was thinking for patterns or paper, but I think she’s gonna put a water bottle.

A few more misc pics:

It was weird making a bag without attached handles!

Action shot in my car!


uh…I am stunned that this has not been thought of before…uh…what a fabulous idea!!! It all makes perfect, practical sense!

You also salvaged an old project…and got her the orange she wanted…Do I spy scraps I sent leftover from your wreath project? If so, yay, she has something from me, too!! (The swirls near the paws on the inside?)…

I love this…and it is good bananas!!!


Yes, I believe you do!


That is a cool bag! I love the scrappyness and all the pockets, the yarn feed is a great addition.

The handles are inspired but have to admit to reservations about the velcro, I’d be worried about it not staying stuck, especially over time if it gets gunked up with fibres. Maybe a spring clip or something similar would be a bit more secure, but still allow the flexibility.

That said, it is still an awesomely fabulous bag!


I wonder about velcro too, but it was her wish. I sent extra though, so she can add or replace as needed.

I was actually wondering about how much weight the bag can carry by the handle with velcro.

Thanks for the kind words.


@Lynx2Lancer, thank you for posting so much better photos than the ones I was able to take!

I had mentioned Velcro because it was the only fastener I could think of that could be separated and re-attached. If the Velcro ever doesn’t work I can replace it with what you gave me (thank you!) or just sew on some stronger fasteners.

The idea came to me because my son lives in NYC/Brooklyn and we would see him often before this pandemic. I hate driving in the car on the highways, etc…with nothing to do. So I would bring a skein of yarn, my hook, and a project! I never brought too much supplies b/c there was no point, there’s only so much you can get done during the drive. I would put it in a plastic bag from the grocery store and tie it to the door handle. It got to be a pain in the butt, especially if the bag ripped or if I had to reach inside to get something.

I’m not really worried about the Velcro getting gunked up. I’m REALLY careful with the bags people make me. I truly am in awe of people with sewing skills.


And innovative and useful project! And scraps!! Awesome all around.


I wish we had door handles with holes (ours just has an indent to grab). I am constantly having my project bags slide off my short-legged lap in the car!

@Lynx2Lancer This is so cool and I love the extra features you put in the bag!


@Abbeeroad Thank you so much!

@mellybelly81 Thank you! It is useful to LBAB and fun to stretch my skillset!

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Hoooollly cow! This bag is a masterpiece!


Lovely scrappy project bag!


This is awesome

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Very cool, extremely well thought out tote. Excellent!!


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