I vinyl wrapped a bike frame

I don’t own a car.
So my kids are used to go most places by bike.

I make sure they have rather good bikes suited for their age and size. Every other year there’s a new bike for Christmas. Or rather a new bike for the oldest one and the next bike for the other kids.

My daughter got her recent bike this summer just before a long family bike trip. I did a complete makeover that I posted here

So “A” gets to pick the new bike (from a preselection I made) and “C” gets a complete makeover, being the 3rd and the only girl.
“B” has been a true middle child when it comes to bikes. They are coming directly from his older brother with only a couple of days to spare. So in the past the bike got a thorough overhaul and was past along.

This year l asked him what his favorite bike would look like and this was the result:

Then I took this bike

Some car wrapping vinyl, my silhouette cameo and 3 days of non-stop crafting and made this

I even found a matching water bottle

Some details and in progress shots:


What an amazing transformation! This is sooo great.

I’m a middle child, so I appreciate what you’ve done on a couple of levels.

Nice crafting!


this is super impressive! it looks brand new!

Fantastic! I’d totally ride that bike! Did you buy replacement pedals or just paint the old ones?

I’d be ecstatic if my mom did that for me.

This is so awesome. Professional level right here. You have one lucky kid. :wink:

I love seeing your bike transformations! And I think it’s really great how you turn a hand-me-down bike into a custom ride for the next kiddo!

So cool!!! Looks like I need to look into this for my kids!!

Happy new year everyone!

And thank you for your replies.

@steiconi, thank you. A middle child’s view helps a lot, with me being the older one of two.
@craftADDchick, I bought new pedals. Took me two orders, the first pair turned out to be some kind of muddy green. The second pair fit perfectly.
@TheMistressT, thanks, there will be more bikes to post in the future.
@Shamie1999, it was definitely a lot of fun (and a lot of work). I’m really exited to see how well it will hold up. On cars they say the vinyl will last for up to 7 years but a kids bike will see a lot more hits.


Amazing transformation, indeed! Really love you are saving these functions, but FUN life-long gifts. There is nothing better than the freedom of a bike. Maybe swinging a swing?

Great work!

CONGRATULATIONS! This has been chosen as one of this week’s Featured Projects.

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That is very impressive.

Oh wow.
Thank you!

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That’s so cool! I don’t think I ever had a bike last long enough to be a hand me down. :rofl:
My younger brother (by one year) drove his bikes into the ground, then would borrow mine and do the same. My last bike that I got before going away to college was such a nice hybrid cruiser/mountain bike, but then the tires rotted out, the seat was taken off it by the pain in the ass brother, and the gears all just kind rusted… I do miss bike riding.

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I used to think that if a bike was worn down you should buy a new one.
Then I started rebuilding bikes. And now I hardly notice more then the frame when I’m looking for one.
Have a look at what I did to my husband‘s old high school bike.

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