"Imagination" Box of Whimsies

Behold - where my entire weekend went!

I think this image from the old site was the very first thing I saved when I joined in 2015, so it’s been kicking around in my head for a long time, and this weekend (after a particularly rough work week) it decided now was the time.

This started life as an empty box from a wooden doll dress up set that I bought during the LC Meetup this summer. It got gesso, acrylic paint, and paper backings for each compartment. Then I just went into “stick and plonk” flow state, working on one section at a time. I tried hard to not spend too much time perfecting, but did work from biggest to smallest and tried to make sure I accounted for any background pieces before I started gluing down.

I’m sure there will be a few more tweaks, but it’s 99% there. And I am so happy to have used some of these treasures!

Detailed photo dump:


So very cool.

I’ve been working on winnowing out the chaff of my collections, so I can focus on using FIND the stuff I love.
Your box is an inspiration!


How fun! A collection of things that spark a memory or an image for you…I bet there is a story behind each little thing…I love how to the outside eye, the groupings are a bit odd…like art work…got my imagination going, anyway! The colors and objects are bright and happy!


Super cool collection of whimsies! Such a fun and animated display; something new catches my eye every time I look.


This is inspiring!

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This is just so cool! It would be fun to get lost for a moment gazing at your treasures now and again.

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I love the yellow color you chose! You have so many cool, tiny things. “I like the… ooo, but then there’s… oh look at that… hey, I think I have one of those somewhere…” These are my thoughts. There’s more comments like that running around in there. I just love this.


You have some fun pieces there and created awesome little scenes!

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This hilarious and sweet. All the little whimsies!

I love it! It came out so cool!!!

Love this collection of whimsies!

This is so neat and there’s so many little details to find. I think my favourite part though is the “title,” I love the scrabble tiles and the way you placed them.

Are the little treasures things you’ve collected over the years, were given, etc.?

Will you hang this up?

SO fun. Love looking at all the details, and I bet it’s full of memories for you, too. I especially love the “fight” scene bottom right! :laughing:

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:mag_right: :eyes: :telescope: :eyeglasses: Well, lookie here! Your cool craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Congratulations! :mag_right: :eyes: :telescope: :eyeglasses:


Wicked cool !

Thanks for sharing bits of your mind.

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Thanks, all!

@LindyBlues It’s a mix - I bought most of them at one point or another but a few are from swaps or are old board game pieces. Most of the figures are from Heroclix, a game I used to play (all common/cheap ones that I didn’t feel bad destroying). I originally was going to hang it up, but it’s quite heavy. For now, it’s just sitting on top of a bookshelf until I decide if I want to bother. It’s pretty bottom heavy, so it’s actually reasonably stable that way.

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I thought I recognized some of those figures! I love spying game pieces in assemblages. what a fun shadow box.